Three Hunters

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Bullroarer Took 52

This is my first take on a Three Hunters deck using the new Legolas & Gimli. This is a solo deck. For multi-player I would change it up some. Also, it's not that good. It's okay, but it forces you to make tough decisions sometimes. If you get good draws early it can be really powerful, but if you don't it feels really bad.

I have been playing it with Aragorn getting Steward of Gondor and Heir of Mardil. Celebrian's Stone is needed to augment the spirit resources because it's an expensive deck. I try to get a Dwarven shield and a Destrier on Gimli for early defense and then transition to Aragorn defending. There is very little shadow card defense though which is an issue. Dunedain Remedy is the only healing and it's not a "meatshield" deck. Those allies are expensive and you want them to stick around. (I don't like sacrificing allies frankly. Doesn't feel very Tolkien to me.)