The battle of Bywater (Untested)

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carlosm88 has updated this deck: The battle of Bywater (WIP)

This deck has not been yet tested, but it is meant to be a recreation of the Battle of Bywater as told in the last chapter of return of the king. The idea is that Sam Gamgee heards of what ia happening in the Shire and recruits a Ranger, Thurindir, to aid him to take down sauruman. Tom Cotton represent the actual hobbits fighiting back. Each heroes does something thematically, Thurindir only helps prep and does not fight, so he will be a constant quest. Sam comes into the fight when needed, but is mostly questing with Thurindir. While Tom activates when enemies are engaged, giving boost to hobbits, recruiting them and rasing the shire when possibble. As to actual gameplay, I have not tested the deck yet. Have no idea if it going to work, especially with that many events. I'm gonna try it solo and two-handed with my Gandalf-Pippin deck which may give it the boost it needs to work propperly. Any ideas on how to make it better or more thematic are welcome.