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JsBingley 33

The lore Ent allies are all with very good willpower and the tactic ones are with very good attack value. This makes the Ent deck possible for it's strength.

This deck use all the Ent ally card except Treebeard and Quickbeam which the hero version are being used, and all the Ent attachments and events.

The Wellinghall Preserver has great healing effort on Ents while lots of Ents use their hit point to pay for card effort, easy combo.

Quickbeam and Treebeard have both hero and ally versions, I choose both the hero version because:

  1. They are of tactic and lore sphere, perfect match the deck.
  2. Ent allies' most weakness is that they enter play exhausted, it gives the player a hard time for the first or first several turns, which are already crucial for the game. I think Treebeard and Quickbeam's ability can help player to hang on the first quest phase, a Boomed and Trumpeted in hand will help more.
  3. An Ent Hero will allow you to play Entmoot at the very beginning of the game.

On the other hand, Treebeard ally will help you to bring Ent allies into play more quickly in the middle game.

The third hero I choose a lore hobbit because the mighty card "The Dam Bursts" and the deck cost on sphere. Bilbo has a good card draw ability, Folco may also useful when you need lower threat level.

Lastly, Halfling Determination helps you in unseen trouble, the Fast Hitch is a low cost stand method, A Burning Brand is to good to cancel shadows and help you to maximize the use of Ents' hit points, Daeron's Runes are almost always welcome in decks with a lore hero, Elf-stone's not so good for the deck because the Ent allies cost low.

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