Our Fellowship for Attack on Dol Guldur

Authraw 2119


This is the Fellowship my friends and I will be taking with us to Attack on Dol Guldur! We're planning to play them all as a team.

It's a quirky mix of various mechanics that fit each player's individual playstyles. Our primary focus was to ensure that every deck was capable of contributing to the quest phase from round 1, and I believe we were successful in that respect. Each deck has its own way of dealing with Enemies, too, although our preference is to use Haldir of Lórien or Hands Upon the Bow to snipe them before they even have a chance to attack.

There's a lot of interplay between the decks, with plenty of Sentinel and Ranged, as well as lots of Attachments that go well on other player's characters. Playing them together really is a cooperative experience.

Check out each deck's individual description to get a feel for how each deck is meant to be played.


Jan 13, 2018 The Purple Wizard 246

Now that it's over, how well did this fellowship do against Dol Goldur?

Jan 13, 2018 Authraw 2119

We won!

The funny thing is that one of the other groups at our Fellowship event had read my blog post and also decided to bring the same Fellowship, so there were two tables running the same decks. Their table didn't do quite as well as ours did (if I recall they got swarmed by Enemies in the last few rounds and started to have trouble keeping up). But by the time they started to fall under the pressure the other two tables were well set up and plenty capable of helping them out.

The final table was running a couple of power decks (I specifically remember someone brought Elrond/Vilya, another had a Dwarf Swarm deck, a third person had a Sands of Harad Three Hunters deck, but I can't recall the fourth unfortunately).

There were a couple of rough moments, including one round where we thought for sure we had just doomed the group to failure due to underquesting, but then after a few minutes of scouring our hands we managed to find a solution to squeeze out a few extra progress. Once we were a few rounds into Stage 3, though, we had managed to gain pretty good control over the board. We pretty much always made the 5 progress on the quest, but not usually the 10 progress until the final few rounds.

It was a great evening, and it felt great to finally put this tough quest to rest! Thanks for asking.