Our Fellowship for Attack on Dol Guldur

Authraw 1304


This is the Fellowship my friends and I will be taking with us to Attack on Dol Guldur! We're planning to play them all as a team.

It's a quirky mix of various mechanics that fit each player's individual playstyles. Our primary focus was to ensure that every deck was capable of contributing to the quest phase from round 1, and I believe we were successful in that respect. Each deck has its own way of dealing with Enemies, too, although our preference is to use Haldir of Lórien or Hands Upon the Bow to snipe them before they even have a chance to attack.

There's a lot of interplay between the decks, with plenty of Sentinel and Ranged, as well as lots of Attachments that go well on other player's characters. Playing them together really is a cooperative experience.

Check out each deck's individual description to get a feel for how each deck is meant to be played.