Mounts, Dwarves, and a Bear (Dwarrowdelf Cycle)

tigormiti 653


This fellowship went through the whole second cycle (Nightmare versions of the first three quests). The Beorn deck can handle most enemy waves. It needs an average of 2 turns to set up, but Beorn can buy you some time. It also has condition attachment removal with Miner of the Iron Hills, who can be recursed with O my To me! O my kinsfolk!. The Rohan deck handles cancellation. It should be noted that the decks have some nice properties against the Foundations of Stone. For example, the second quest stage makes you discard from the top of your deck, which is especially nice for the Dwarf deck. And the third quest stage makes you discard weapon, item and armor attachments, but all the attachments in both decks are none of these types !


Apr 17, 2018 Wandalf the Gizzard 822

Guthwine and Citadel Plate are, so they would be washed away.

Apr 17, 2018 tigormiti 653

Yes, I should have said "most of the attachments"

Apr 18, 2018 Denison 293

Have you considered trying your fellowship this way? I'm halfway through the same cycle and it definitely brings more tension to the games. I've lost one hero, but the campaign continues!

Apr 19, 2018 tigormiti 653

@Denison Apparently, it’s to make things easier. I don’t like the idea of being rewarded for losing a quest. I’d rather give myself a limited number of tries to beat a quest, keeping the same heroes all the way.