Thematic Hobbit OHAUH


I wanted to do a thematic run thru the Hobbit Saga using some of the Dwarf cards that have come out more recently. So they use cards all the way thru the Haradrim cycle. All 13 Dwarves of Thorin's company are here, as is Gandalf. There are no other unique allies used. Obviously the abstract mechanics of the game require non-unique allies --- but in a way, I can justify them as different aspects of the Heroes' personalities --- if that makes sense.

I purposely avoided cards that directly reference other cultures...even though they may be legal to play (ahem...Steward of Gondor). The card that pushes this limit the most is probably Heed the Dream.

The base decklist is what I used for the 1st Quest (We Must Away...). Any other cards thru the Saga are listed in the Sideboard.

Heroes may change over the course of the Saga. For example, Dáin Ironfoot may be a hero for the Battle of the Five Armies.

These decks ended up working very well for Over Hill And Under Hill --- although I did not get any of the troll's treasures. The basic decks got thru the first 2 quests. The listed sideboards were used for the 3rd quest (Dungeons Deep and Caverns Dim) --- specifics in each decklist.