Song of Eärendil

Attachment. Cost: 1.


Attach to a hero.

Response: After Song of Eärendil enters play, draw 1 card.

Response: After another player raises his threat, raise your threat by 1 to reduce that player's threat by 1.

K. R. Harris

Road to Rivendell #34. Spirit.

Song of Eärendil

Song of Earendil is one of my favorite cards that I don't often put in decks. It only works in multiplayer, but boy does it work there, aside from the now impossible broken combo with Wandering Took. It should be mentioned that this card is not limited to once per round so you could trigger it every single time another player raises their threat for a combo with Loragorn. It's a song, so FWIW it triggers Love of Tales. It fits right into a Doomed deck, so if you bring spirit in one, bring this along for your buddies' benefit. This card is a very versatile glue card that should really see more play than it does. As a footnote, am I the only one who forgets to draw a card when I play it?