I'm a little surprised that Hobbit Cloak doesn't have any reviews, because I think it's incredible. Even if you have just the Core and Fellowship boxes, this card can be invaluable, allowing even a thematic Hobbit deck to defend against the Black Riders without instantly losing a hero if it has to. The in-box Fatty Bolger and, of course, the Fellowship Frodo Bagginses have 2 printed , which then becomes 4 if you're managing your threat properly and are forced to engage with a Black Rider, netting you 1 damage on a hero instead of a whole dead hobbit. With a larger card pool, it becomes even more awesome. The Return of the King box(es) gives you the in-sphere Halbarad and the 3 Tom Cotton. Merry gives further enemy engagement cost boosts, and there are, of course, myriad options to lower your threat to make sure you're getting the full value out of the single resource you spent on this card.


One of my favourite events got an errata in the Revised printing of Ered Mithrin. Now it states "choose an ITEM attachment" - so no more out of sphere Steward of Gondor. This significantly lowers the usuability of this card, but I still think it's awesome in the right deck.


Bill Ferny.

That’s all I have to say. I wanted that to be the whole review, but I need 200 characters. I hate Bill Ferny in the “A Knife in the Dark” quest. He stays in the staging area the whole time and raises your threat until you can finally kill him. Son of Arnor lets you engage him and kill him in the first few turns. I don’t care what else he does. This guy lets me settle my personal vendetta against Bill, and thus, I am satisfied.

Have you considered Tireless Hunters for an even easier pull? —

the response part of this card Seems very difficult to use. How many times are the whole team going to be in secrecy. If you opt in though can each player use is response and action seperately? so they can all benefit from the secrecy 1.

This was a card meant to try to create a space for a Secrecy Fellowship. Note that with the Action every player (who build their decks even a little bit towards it, as in start with a threat or 25 or o so) should be able to get easily into Secrecy. —
But even if the whole Fellowship is not geared towards Secrecy the Action can be useful for a Secrecy deck which maybe ends up at 22-23 threat but still wants to get the secrecy benefits —
Yes, it’s not immediately obvious but the action can be triggered as much as you want. You can raise your secrecy level to 30… but you’ll also lower your threat elimination level to 30 in the process. But if all four decks do that, then everyone in the fellowship gets a 1-resource discount all game… or at least until two players threat out. —

I have used this guy in a deck, crazy at that might seem, back when Zigil Miner gave more money depending on the cost of the dumped cards. In that case Brok being the most expensive card in the game (tied with Beorn) was actually a bonus since I never planned to actually put him into play anyway. Now that Zigil Miner gains no benefit from expensive cards, Brok Ironfist is just binder fodder.

The idea of using him with Helm of Secrecy as some others have noted on this page is an interesting idea. I'm not sure it's worth it, but interesting. I haven't worked with Helm of Secrecy at all, so I am not familiar with the design details involved and therefore I don't know how well Brok Ironfist would fit into that design.