No reviews yet? I may do one then! I really like this card in decks which uses cheaper Noldor allies, especially if I play heroes like Erestor or even Arwen Undómiel since it can be discarded for other effects like To the Sea, to the Sea! or Imladris Caregiver or Lindon Navigator and then used to bring back an ally from your discard pile! I recently published a deck and as mentioned, it can be used to bring back the ally version of Arwen, Arwen Undómiel, since it costs two. Obviously, it does not have use outside of deck which is meant to discard cards and have Noldor allies, but in Noldor decks, I really like this card!

Most people overlook this card. However, I like it quite a lot. First, it is the only Condition removal in Spirit. While that may not seem like a huge deal, it gives Spirit access to the three main types of encounter cancelation: When Revealed, Shadow, and Condition. In addition, I would argue that Power in the Earth is the best out of the condition removal. While Bulwark of the West shares Power of Orthanc's ability to be cast during the quest phase, it requires an ally. All of the Lore options are restrictive. Miner of the Iron Hills costs two and can only be played the next turn. Elrond offers other options but he suffers worse than the miner. Athelas is good but it is trait specific. In contrast, Power of Orthanc costs nothing, can be played at any time, and only requires you to be able to raise your threat. Every mediocre deck should be able to raise its threat, so this cost is effective non-existent. Basically, you are replacing a condition treachery with an encounter card with Doomed 2 that has no effects. That is fantastic! This card should be in the sideboard of all Spirit decks! I haven't even mentioned its synergy with Saruman or his staff.


You guys all forget that this card is not restricted, so you can bump up to 3 extra willpowers to a single hero

True, but two Silver Circlets can boost four willpower for 2/3 the cost and cards. If you are using favor of the lady in addition to circlets, you would be better off buying ally Faramir with questing allies. —
The elephant in the room here is that in multiplayer, one of your "teammates" can use ally Elrond to discard your Favor of the Lady, as it is a Condition. Danger, Will Robinson, danger! —

Note: because his ability includes the word "then", you must successfully ready Mendor in order for each player to draw 1 card. So if he's not exhausted when you defeat a quest card, you don't get to draw cards. See the Rules Reference p.17 under "Then".

Wow though, he seems tailor-made to make the Angmar Awakened campaign more new-player friendly. All those side quests! I'm glad you can officially bring him into it.

I have the strong feeling that this use of "then" was an oversight. There are lots of them in the revised sets. Because, why shouldn’t you be able to draw cards even if you didn’t ready him? Makes no real sense to me. —
I see it as a thematic win - Mendor "finds" something special when he completes a quest, represented by drawing cards. If he doesn't participate in completing the quest, he can't find anything for you. —
You must successfully resolve the first part, but I don't see how it doesn't resolve if he's already ready —

It's great for a secrecy deck. Think about it - normally enemies may pile up in the staging area if you are in secrecy. With this trap, you can take care of them in the combat phase, without having to engage them.

Seems useful for taking out a high threat enemy, but you will be faced with some pressure to both quest and fight at the same time. Ala, can you talk and dance, scenario. —