So i had an idea, what if you could use two contracts together and if you could which ones would work well together? So first i am going to examine using the first two contracts together, Fellowship and The Burglar's Turn. First of all these two are compatible unlike some other contracts. Second there are some benefits such as being able to use all of your cards for allies or mustering events such as A Very Good Tale. Third there are some problems such as no attachment for heros or mustering attachments such as Elf-stone If you have any other thoughts please comment.


Erestor is the kind of hero that completly changes the way you play the game. He essentially solves card draw all by himself, but at a steep cost: you can no longer save a card for later rounds. Perfect for explosive starts and to never run out of fuel, but restrictive in what you can do. Your deck will need to be built around him. Will of the West is appreciated against certain scenarios, and he naturally synergies with any deck based on playing lots of low cost cards: outlands, Forth, The Three Hunters!, (MotK) Faramir, you name it.

He is also a great fellowship player: by drawing so many cards so fast and not being bothered by redundancy, erestor is amazing at quickly finding important uniques: Glorfindel's Light of Valinor and Asfaloth, Gandalf's Staff, Wizard Pipe, Narya and Shadowfax, Elrond's Vilya, Nenya and Mirror of Galadriel, Boromir's Steward of Gondor, Gondorian Fire and Blood of Númenor, Saruman's Staff, Elladan or Grimbeorn the Old's Orcrist, Lembas for everyone, and the list goes on and on. He is basically Santa.

Great if you want to mix things up, move away from the traditional deck building style, and create interesting and fresh gameplay decisions every round

10/10 would discard my hand again

I personally found that will of the west is not so important, since you need like 10 rounds of play to draw your whole deck. —

Simply, Angbor is a 2 cost for 2 Willpower ally, and he can help attack if you're in Valour. Solid if you ask me.

Nice traits as well. Gondor has enough ally buffs in Leadership alone that you can get solid mileage out of 2 cost for Angbor, even without the Valour effect. Leadership Boromir and Visionary Leadership immediately come to mind, but I'm sure there's more. I've used him as one of a handful of "permanent" allies in a Lothiriel deck to decent results as well. Nothing revolutionary, but solid for sure. As a fun note, compare him to Guard of the Citadel from the core set. —

Skinbark is amazing. Going down the line:

His cost is 3, I'd expect that to be 4 for his stats

Willpower 0, he's tactics, so normal

Attack 4, great for his cost

Defense 2, decent

Hit points 3, also decent

Can't have restricteds and enters play exhausted, he's an ent, so normal

While he attacks alone against an orc the enemy doesn't count it's defense? EPIC. Free four damage on an orc? Suits me. It kills most of them.

Even better: MotK. Throw Dúnedain Mark on him and all orcs will want to stay in their caves. But ents can break stone...

Messenger of the King on an ally which starts exhausted is a bold move for sure, especially for 9 Threat. —
Yeah, but you would never use Skinbark as your defender so you could probably deal with an enemy for one round. —

They should re-name this card Gandalf of Esgaroth. Except it gets better, because you can have three of them, and attachments have lots of different abilities too. I have not played with this card yet, but I am picturing something as absurd as the top comment with the horse throwing surfers.