A card I was a little confused about at first. At the time of its release it was the only Outlands card available, so its search effect was pretty much limited to finding itself in your deck. And with only 2 copies left in your deck the chances of it whiffing are fairly high. I guess you could of used it in your dwarf mining decks. BUT...when the Steward's Fear was released this card instantly became an auto include in your Outland decks! With the full card pool the chances of its effect whiffing diminish greatly. On top of his stats getting the usual boosts from Outland shenanigans, he also has the Gondor trait. That means he can get the boost from Boromir as well. Overall, kind of weak by itself but shines when paired with his Outland buddies.


This can be a very powerful card in the right situations. Sure it's pretty expensive but it can be easily saved up for if you know when you want to use it. It mentions "all characters" which makes it more lucrative to play in multiplayer games. It combos great with any dedicated defender with sentinel like Beregond or other good defenders like Frodo Baggins (granted you've been keeping your threat low). It would also work great against siege quests with boost of 2. And something else I'd like to point out is it's not limited to the combat phase. It's best played during the planning phase so you can deal with those surprise enemy attacks during staging, not to mention all those shadow effects that grant extra attacks. Seriously, being able to defend without exhausting is bonkers! This card can be a game changer for that last push to the finish line when the encounter deck tries to swarm you.


Not a bad card in trap decks. But he is pretty costly for only having 2 hit points, IMO. A good target to Sneak Attack in then discard for the threat reduction, though. Also combos well with Prince Imrahil or any card that grants bonuses when characters leave play.

Yeah, he would have been a bit better if priced at 3 or by having higher stats, but it was still an early design. I think it might be best used by being put in play with Tactics Imrahil effect, used in same way in combat (small defense, attacking) and then discarded for its own effect. —

Just to help out people like me who are curious as to why this is saying "discard" instead of "exhaust".

Apparently, FFG decided to start printing this card with new text in late 2019 and has yet to update the official FAQ...and possibly never will.

I have no idea what we're supposed to do with this information. I'd say if the card has never officially been errata'd in the FAQ you're fine to play as shown in the FAQ, and ignore this second "unofficial" errata....so odd.

I wish they had preserved some of its identity. Maybe instead of discarding... it goes to the top of your deck. Maybe it takes exhausting the character and the map. Something, anything else. Discarding is a very draconian approach to balancing it. However, having said all that, I don't disagree with this errata. —

Here are some ideas I’ve got for boosting this Vigilant Dúnadan:

Best sidequest to activate his ability: Keep Watch.

Boost : Arwen Undómiel (she also gives him Sentinel!), Wild Stallion (restricted), Round Shield (restricted), Narya, or Elf-friend + Cloak of Lórien & Elven Mail.

Boost : Squire's Helm (restricted), Ent Draught, Spare Pipe. Then use healing!

Tale of Tinúviel with Arwen Undómiel can boost his AND by three. Also, as noted by @Emmental below, you can pull more shenanigans with two Spare Hood and Cloak, passing them between these two allies for more boosts.

Reduce enemy : Horn's Cry, Keep Watch.

Cancel damage: Honour Guard, Vigilant Guard.

Healing: Self Preservation, etc.

Boost : consider using Spear of the Citadel to make him a killing machine (thanks @Emmental!), Warrior Sword since you'll likely be engaging a bunch, or the aforementioned Narya.

Boost everything with Outlands: In Service of the Steward + Sword of Morthond + these Outlands allies.

If you have Arwen and two Spare Hood and Cloak you can get +1 defense —
Also Spear of the Citadel is a nice restricted item for him : 1 damage for every defense can net a lot on the long run. —