Gandalf's Staff was a powerful item when it was released and much speculation occurred Oger what a possible Radagast Staff would be. I don't think anyone is dissapointed in this final incarnation.

Three choices, all of them excellent. Readying a jacked up Eagles of the Misty Mountain or reducing its cost to get it into play in the first place are both fine options. And some random Lore trap synergy with the returning creature the staging area. All in all excellent!

Sneak attack for tactics? Yes, please. This card has some fairly specific requirements, namely a unique Istari and unique Eagle but thankfully not exclusive to heroes. The allied istari are expensive and in 2/3 of the case temporary so you will want to bring their hero version for consistency and timing. The unique Eagles are also somewhat pricey but thankfully due to the new Radagast's Staff that can be made more realistic.

The Eagles Are Coming will also help to get those key Eagle allies into your hand sooner so don't forget three of those.

In the end you will most likely bring this in a deck led by Gandalf or Radagast heroes to bring in more hit and run eagles lol Descedent of Thorondor or Meneldor. But a better one is to bring this card with a Radagast to summon the all powerful core ally Gandalf.

Therr is also more reasons to play Book of Eldacar and Hama hero to get this card back more often. The goal is to try and play it every round which can be done in combination with Wizard Pipe on Radagast.

Great thematic design and really pushes Eagle decks into Outland and Vilya territory. Great stuff.

I have an urgent errand. My message is thematic, long-awaited and powerful.

Wow this is what Eagles were missing. They've always been strong but short of Vilya they have been difficult to afford. That all changes now, being Lore he is able to bring in card draw (and more importantly Word of Command which you can still exhaust to do after questing as long as you play a creature) and healing. But unlike all Lore except for Elrond he is still able to help pay for his tactics winged friends (and the assortment of new creatures in this cycle). Not to mention his staff which allows you to decrease the cost of creatures even more. Even the Descendents of Thorondor are looking like they'll see the battlefield.

About the only possible negative is the artwork leans more towards the movie version which has mixed reactions from fans. And I suppose high threat and kind of being limited or at least best with a certain kind of build where his friend Gandalf can plug in more places.

Don't forget to put Wizard Pipe and Flame of Anor into your deck for even more Radagast fun. Burning brand also has a new friend.

All in all one of the strongest heroes of this cycle of not in the top ten for the game. Which as one of the wizards is fitting.

Another very good Guarded attachment, one we can always know the kind of card it will be guarded by which let us plan how to deal with it. And since Spirit has basically the most tools to clean locations it can often be trivial to clear it. It can also act as a very good cleanser of the encounter deck when we know there a lot of nasty enemies/treacheries left inside. Almost always worth it and that's besides strange shenanigans involving Vigilant Guard and those "one damage to each character" treacheries.

Could Mithril Shirt work with Hero Treebeard? His ability reads "Take 1 damage to..." Would the damage be a cost that the shirt would prevent from being paid? —
It was already clarified with Erkendbrand that if an ability has a cost in damage to activate that damage cannot be redirected or prevented, otherwise the ability does not activate. You can still heal it afterwards though. —
It brings me great joy to imagine a Mithril shirt that fits Treebeard though —
My vision was a manga-style kaiju fighting mecha-Treebeard. Don't let your dreams be dreams, as they say. —
Yes! That is Mecha-Treebeard! He will save feudal Japan! Or middle earth whatever he doesn't discriminate. —
Mithril Shirt plus Vigilant Guard. Someone please tell me that combo isn't as OP as I think it is. —
Could you cancel all archery damage with this and Vigilant guard? —
Yes right now Mithril Shirt and Vigilant Guard basically let you ignore all Archery Damage, but Caleb has already said that this was an overlooked interaction and it will be adressed soon, perhaps by making Vigilant Guard limited in use. —
This is an example where I think LotR would benefit from a Restricted list. Vigilant Guard isn't overpowered, Mithril Shirt I'm more on the fence about, but it's only together that they're that OP. If there were a Restricted list, so that Mithril Shirt and Vigilant Guard can't go on the same character, that would prevent the need for an errata, I'd say. But, if an errata is needed, please don't be Vigilant Guard that gets hit with the hammer, a limit on frequency for it would prevent one of its best uses, making damage spread treacheries a joke. Wait a minute... —
An easy fix would be to treat archery damage as happening simultaneously, and then to treat Vigilant Guard's responses as happening simultaneously. The end result is that you can redirect as much of it as you want, but still only get to cancel 1. —
I don't think Mithril Shirt's combo with those like Vigilant Guard or Treebeard is OP,because they are combos, only Mithril Shirt is alomost the worst guarded attachment, if something is bad but a little bit OP in combo, I think is ok. —

This card is so bonkers good in so many decks that I wonder when we will see an errata of some sorts. Until that time let us enjoy all the Gaffer goodness we can get away with, laughing in the face of Mumaks, Dragons, Krakens and so forth.