A very situational card, but in some quest with awful Conditions it can be a real life saver and if you are playing with some sort of ally sward deck its cost it's not to steep, especially since the ally can be an exhausted (and even wounded) one.

In a dedicated side quest deck, or in a big Fellowship where side quests are played a lot in can be quite easy to put it in at only 1 cost. It also has a nice resource distribution effect which can mean a further discount or sending resources across the table where they are more needed. And 2 for 3 resources is still good in Leadership.

A good cost-to-attack value, with the potential for big attack burst in a pinch. Very much worth in my opinion if you have the deck space and you want to be able to clean house more easily. Good combos with Gamling or Westfold Outrider.

If you have the right characters to play it this can be a really good resource generation engine for a Tactics deck, especially if it's not making use of Mablung. Worth noting that you don't have to fulfill the conditions with you heroes, allies are also good, but with those cards I always prefer to be sure of being able to use them withouth relying on playing another card first.