Attachment. Cost: 1.

Artifact. Item.

Attach to the active location. Attached location gets +1 quest point.

Response: After attached location leaves play as an explored location, the first player puts 1 ally into play from his hand.

"It is a beryl, an elf-stone. Whether it was set there, or let fall by chance, I cannot say, but it brings hope to me"
Aragorn, The Fellowship of the Ring
Sandara Tang

The Black Riders #16. Lore.


I don't play with this card much any more, but when The Black Riders first came out I used it frequently. It can be a game changer if circumstances are perfect, but it requires some careful planning and a little bit of luck. Imagine dropping an ally Beorn, Glorfindel, or Gildor for free!

I mostly play multiplayer now so I don't play this very much because it becomes difficult to make sure the Elf-Stone triggers during the correct players turn and that the player still has a high cost ally in his hand.