Daily Challenge: Play The Drowned Ruins and play Houses of Healing after reducing its cost to 0 at least once.



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The Fellowship Of The Ring

I looked at all characters (either hero or ally) which are part of the original fellowship. At first glance it seems to me, that a combination of leadership and tactics is the only possible combination to get the original cast onto the table.

That is how I've found this deck of...

Nov 12, 2019 Flrbb 74

Optimus Prime... SUPER MODE!

@Roka Kind of. I remember initially thinking threat control would be a problem, and knew Galadhriel would fix that, then I realized the colors worked, so that was an added bonus.

Nov 12, 2019 BeestThouNotInHaste 93

Attack Action Acceleration v2

Out of curiosity, why is Hobbit Pony in this deck?

Nov 12, 2019 Beorn 7021

The Burglar's Turn, Take 1

Per @Sfrug's comment, you have ~4 spots to fill in the loot pile.

My votes are:

  • Silver Lamp for Idraen, since she tends to be ready at the start of combat.
  • Thror's Map is excellent, especially until...

Nov 11, 2019 ellipticaltable 14

Fresh Wood Doesn't Burn: Building Against "Fire in the Night

@CDavis7M Glad to be of help, let me know how it goes!

Nov 11, 2019 Alduc 219

Fire in the Night: Ered Mithrin Solo Progression

Months later I'm finally back to trying to beat Fire in the Night as a (1 deck) solo player. I find that I give away too many attacks to Hrogar's Hill in the beginning and I hit 50 damage soon after getting my defenders up due to other effects. I believe the excess damage from the attack...

Nov 11, 2019 CDavis7M 124

Noldor at its Best, uniques style

To advance from a Noldor focused deck to a more powerful one, a Gandalf would be a good decision. In that case I think it would be best to have also one copy of Treebeard in the deck. The downside: Lords of Eldar will be less effective.

As the combo with Reforged is really, really...

Nov 10, 2019 Flrbb 74

Hobbit Saga OHaUH (progression style, 1CS)

Here you have it: ringsdb.com

Nov 09, 2019 czyn 98