Daily Challenge: Play Road to Rivendell using a deck where every hero has 3 printed attack.



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A Big Mistake

the friends of bern are:

Jul 17, 2024 doomguard 2094

Solo - Shadow and Flame

Yeah you're right. I totally forgot about that rule when I was playing.

Jul 17, 2024 Yurificacao 37

Mormegil's Deckbox

I added the Rohan Staging Attack archetype and another RCO+Contract deck to the box. Enjoy!

Jul 17, 2024 Mormegil 4292

To the Sea, to the Sea!

Noldor decks are well known for their constant discarding, and their cost reduction is no different. The cost of discarding a single card is pretty comparable to spending a single resource, which on the surface makes it look like you have done a one-for-one trade, but there are plenty of ways...

Jul 16, 2024 Diamondore12 22

helms deep 2

Why do you have Charge of the Rohirrim

Jul 16, 2024 stormlight123 13

RCO Players: Welcome to Dale

@Msommi I do like it for some quests that really pressure you from the start. For instance in Ered Mithrin, most quests are rather slow to build (so probably no need for Captains Wisdom). However if you then play a quest like Fate from Wilderland, it can really save your game imo

Jul 16, 2024 Mormegil 4292

Tenacious D and the Wizard of Destiny

Doesn't Lord of Morthond not do anything due to it requiring a "printed" leadership icon since you are using Neutragorn? To me that implies songs and other shenanigans won't cut it to meet the requirement.

Jul 15, 2024 Diamondore12 22

Ranger of the North

Want so desperately to love this card that I play with it despite knowing it is a dud. Played the entire Angmar campaign and played it religiously. Note, I had 3 copies in my deck every scenario; I believe only it was only revealed the one time. Like warlock said: it should have a shadow...

Jul 15, 2024 rhanraets 10