Daily Challenge: Play Into the Pit and reduce your threat by 10 more with a single South Away!.



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Arrows from the Trees

Oh, Arrows from the Trees. Such an awesome effect, but too restricted to see use. Let's go through your text, line by line, to see exactly why you see such little use.

First, your timing restriction: "Play only after making engagement checks." While this is fair and part of how you...

Aug 08, 2020 AlasForCeleborn 182

Economy of the Woods

I would replace Faramir with Amarthiúl. Faramir works nicely with allies who have big questing and combat stats, but the allies you've chosen are more focused. Amarthiul helps with resource smoothing, generation, and as...

Aug 08, 2020 RogueWraith 137

BoF Series: Hobbits

@Gizlivadi Moreover, Sp-Frodo would probably lead to a better hero lineup because you can drop Spippin (and even replace Folco with Lo-Pippin, which is powerful with 4...

Aug 08, 2020 kjeld 27

Passage Through Mirkwood Quest Deck - Progression Series #1

Nice youtube series shame its no longer going.

Aug 07, 2020 unshavedgooch 1

The Line Unbroken - The Druadan Forest

These decks didn't work for me on easy mode, I guess the increased frequency of the treacheries in the slimmed down 'easy' mode doesn't suit the decks well. I did use the bones of these decks and basically removed all attachments except Asfaloth and Good Meal because attachments soon...

Aug 06, 2020 sheldomar 1

Galdor and the Knights of the Ring

if your deck emptys to fast, consider dwarfen pipes, and then the ered luin miner makes even more sense (your only dwarf is gimli)

Aug 06, 2020 doomguard 192

What should I wear today?


By the way someone already made the Gloin deck you talked about ringsdb.com

Aug 06, 2020 Alonewolf87 533

Turbo Na'asiyah the Destroyer

as defender, hm... everything, that kills denethor kills the warden. 3 res for a chumpblockng sounds much for me. cost of 3 for tale is right, but than you can take the ered luin miner. he cost 3 and you have a very good chance to get him free with a tale. and an attack that is to heavy...

Aug 06, 2020 doomguard 192