Daily Challenge: Play Intruders in Chetwood using a deck with Vilya, Narya, and Nenya.



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Vigilant Guard

The response is optional ("response" vs "forced"), so just pick which one you want to take the damage. (or both, if there was 2+ damage assigned)

Jun 19, 2019 ellipticaltable 1

Support of the Eagles

This card is fantastic and a must-have for Eagle decks. It's effect can be used at any time, stacked up multiple copies on the same hero and used for attack or defense depending on the need. With a single Winged Guardian and even two copies of this card you can be defending at +8, likewise...

Jun 19, 2019 Christian_Medic 32

Vigilant Guard

Rules question: Can Vigilant Guard intercept damage that would be intercepted by another copy of Vigilant Guard? Is placing damage the same as assigning damage? That's how I've been playing it, and man is it good then. One copy alone on Gimli pretty much makes...

Jun 19, 2019 AlasForCeleborn 45

Trained for War

Magali's work is my favorite in this game

Jun 19, 2019 Quetzal513 3

Just another boring Eagle Deck (Nightmare Mode)

@AldricH in combination with The Eagles Are Coming! or Gwaihir's Debt. When you put an eagle or Gandalf on top with the Wizard Pipe and than play the events.

Or in combination with...

Jun 17, 2019 openMfly 143

Scroll of Isildur

of course! you play the card "as if it were in your hand", so you have to pay its cost.

Jun 17, 2019 Marcelf 376


@Wolves you raise 2 vlid points, neither of which occurred to me! It would probably help if I read the cards properly! It's been a long time since I Beregonded. May swap out the Spear of the Citadel for some Round Shield. Not used that card before and could be good.

Jun 17, 2019 Twelvesmallsquares 135

Dúnedain Warning

I'm not sure if this card really needs another review, but as I've progressed in the game I've realized finesse moves make this card really invaluable. Additionally this card isn't restricted, so it can be piled up with itself and other defensive attachments.

As I've understood...

Jun 16, 2019 Quetzal513 3