Daily Challenge: Play The Drowned Ruins using a deck with hero Quickbeam.



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Fat Dwarves 1.2

Very nice.

Dec 05, 2021 DEER PARK 194

Hama's New Best Friend

@Razumikhin glad to see you're enjoying it! I can't take full credit for the idea though. I just looked back and see that @doomgard and @TimmyTook made similar versions. Also, @kjeld made a great version as well using an expanded ally pool (whereas mine is only Rohan allies)...

Dec 04, 2021 Uruk-guy 376

Delay not, need not

I like the improvements, very nice!

Dec 04, 2021 Uruk-guy 376

Low-Cost Very Efficient 1 Core Set Deck

Hey man, nice deck. Nice to see you use Glorfindel, someone I think gets passed over a lot.

Going to try it out tonight myself!

Dec 03, 2021 Jreilly89 69

Boomed and Trumpeted

I especially like using this with Derndingle Warrior (Defend for 5 then attack for 4) and Beechbone (which I actually overlooked for a while, before realizing that his ability will "deal X damage", which bypasses defense). It also works with Ally Quickbeam if you want a big attack for...

Dec 02, 2021 AzogTheUruk 1

The Bester Deck

@The Mormegil Thanks for your interest! I was gone for the holiday but glad to see your post upon my return. Standalone Mount Doom is definitely a quest that usually takes a couple attempts. I'm trying to think of strategies that I have used that are more unusual. I use...

Dec 02, 2021 Glamcrist 484

Expecting Mischief

@doomguard Oh yeah, I completely forgot about that card. Thanks!

Dec 01, 2021 frobp 53

Scout's widfast and aragorn

@Uruk-guy yeah you are correct threat is a problem but i believe you can combine it with silvans and play Island Amid Perils and a couple of Galadriel's Handmaiden but then it's not really a full scout deck anymore :)

Dec 01, 2021 serre 94