Daily Challenge: Play The Tower of Cirith Ungol using a deck with Fastred.



Songs and Horses 27 threat, cards up to ALeP - Children of Eorl

Flying High Again 29 threat, cards up to Over Hill and Under Hill

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Maxine Newman's The Spear of Mirkwood

MOTK Legolas is the perfect addition here. Otherwise I could imagine card draw being way too slow.

Jun 03, 2023 Marctimmins89 57

Maxine Newman's Forth into the Vale of Isen!

Glad to hear you are liking them. I like being reminded of what they had in mind when they created them, especially when there is a card that kind of fell by the wayside.

Jun 03, 2023 jkl620 61

Old Toby, finest weed in the Southfarthing

@doomguard Great Ideas all around! I've seen a few other running Expert Treasure-hunter, so if I can find that pack I'll absolutely pick it up. As a new player I've got to make some sacrifices sadly.

Smoke and Think...

Jun 03, 2023 TraceAE 7

Balin's Bane

nice herosetup o 2. tier dwarfes (no Dáin Ironfoot, Thorin Oakenshield or Gimli )

would replace 2 Boots from Erebor with 2 Ered Luin Miner (if you...

Jun 03, 2023 doomguard 1626


i like dain in all his forms. i usually add Thorongil wheneer i play Dáin Ironfoot. having 6 dwarves makes it worthwhile (and i would add 3 Ered Luin Miner )

playing radagast i autoinclude...

Jun 02, 2023 doomguard 1626

Doom #1 Saruman Has Some Fun!

That is so smart! I had no idea that such a card existed. Will do.

Jun 01, 2023 Ghostflayer178 1

Beorning Rangers

osbera flipps back if you killed your enemy, keep one engaged is another risk.

Jun 01, 2023 doomguard 1626