Daily Challenge: Play The Redhorn Gate using a deck with hero Quickbeam.



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Pony Pisador Saber/Espiritu

Hola Kortatu... tu deck va con 51 cartas y 3 Coraje Inesperado. Tengo dos copuas de la caja antigua. ¿Que carta recomiendas en vez de esa 3era copia que no tengo? ¿O lo dejo el deck en 50 cartas? Saludos desde Lima

Jan 23, 2022 Amrod 1

The Wanderer Guardian (Support of the Eagles)

Thanks. It was the first version. Now it's improved

Jan 23, 2022 dithalizer 1

Siege of Annuminas (Progression - 1 Core Only)

@Raiderjakk That is a great idea. Narya one up for defense in 2B. Might worth slotting some in, even though this deck is a bit tougher to guarantee an event on top than an Elven-light style one would be.

Jan 23, 2022 Shellin 992

1/20/22 Fire in the Night Challenge

Good points, I had tried Windfola before but I could see little benefit for a restricted solt, did not realize about setup, I thought it was When revealed for heroes. I had also thought of Aragorn but forgot to mention

Jan 23, 2022 LEGOlas 22

Core Set deck: Can beat all three quests

Was able to finish Journey Along the Anduin as well but zero for 3 attempts on Escape from Dol Guldur. How did you do it?

Jan 22, 2022 Ggouveia 1

Archet Alekeeper


Jan 22, 2022 sev 7

Gondorian Spearman

I don't have that one yet, but when I do I am sure I will make good use of it!

Jan 22, 2022 Dor-lomin 44

Rivendell Bow

That is correct. Attacks into the staging area are just regular attacks outside the normal attacking rules. For an attack to be considered Ranged, the enemy being attacked has to be engaged with another player. This has often come up with Hands Upon the Bow, which allows a character with the...

Jan 22, 2022 stone_of_eric 23