Daily Challenge: Play The Hunt for the Dreadnaught using a deck where Trained for War and Ride them Down are both considered to have 0 cost, but only when played immediately one after the other..



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Folco Ironfist

@doomguard There is no explicit definition for moving a card to your collection, but personally I think that this bit from the Rules Reference covers it already quite clearly:

A card leaves play when it moves from a play area to an out-of-play destination.

Jan 29, 2023 Alonewolf87 1655

Conflict at the Carrock Nightmare Solo Progression

This is the nightmare version which came out after Morgul vale. Nightmares were PODs that mixed in harder cards to make the original quest harder.

Jan 29, 2023 Copterman 320

gondorian heroes

but, Angbor the Fearless should be included. would even go to 51 for him

Jan 28, 2023 doomguard 1500


I would have prefered if his ability only triggered when he had a resource in his resource pool.

Jan 27, 2023 NERD 574

ingold, grey ruler of gondor

I would take out the unthematic cards, possibly A Very Good Tale if I could not include enough thematic allies. I would definitely include Rammas Sentry and Rammas Lookout. They are so good with a single hero and...

Jan 27, 2023 NERD 574

Saruman The Solo

Correct. This isnt guarded however, and is like any other attachment you have on a character when the character leaves play. So similar to a staff, a pipe, armor, weapons that is already attached to a character. Anyways, I think we've exhausted this argument now :)

Jan 27, 2023 Nerhesi 3

A Fellowship of Sheer Power

este mazo me parece increíble, felicidades

Jan 26, 2023 inperator 1


What an interesting hero! To start us off, I'll go over some of the more obvious things. The artwork is very good, so nothing to complain about there. 3 is fantastic (and can even be boosted with Visionary Leadership), and...

Jan 25, 2023 FolcoBoffin 249