Daily Challenge: Play The Fords of Isen and kill at least 2 enemies with 1 Skyward Volley.



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Dúnedain Pipe

But not a Signal. Pipe. Missed opportunity, there.

Oct 02, 2022 kjeld 310

Dúnedain Cache

Because it's from the first cycle and design decisions were all over the place.

Oct 02, 2022 kjeld 310

Combat Support Variant

Is Dúnedain Remedy's "Action" the only valid trigger for Beorn's Welcome's "Response"?

Oct 02, 2022 Magus 2

The Lore Rangers in Ithilien

This deck saved our progress and beat into ithilien in the first try . Thanks a lot

Oct 02, 2022 michael.slavinec 1

Wandering Spirit

No reviews yet? I may do one then! I really like this card in decks which uses cheaper Noldor allies, especially if I play heroes like Erestor or even Arwen Undómiel since it can be discarded for other effects like To...

Oct 02, 2022 Ageolite 28

Play Gandalf Every Turn

Awesome idea!

Oct 01, 2022 Christian_Medic 835


I see it as a thematic win - Mendor "finds" something special when he completes a quest, represented by drawing cards. If he doesn't participate in completing the quest, he can't find anything for you.

Oct 01, 2022 TheGameLocker 122

An unlikely team?

@NERD Thank you! I actually had this deck for months, but finally felt brave enough to publish it :-) And wanted to explain some cards like Imladris Caregiver which I do not see play that often and explain why I picked it up over a more traditional...

Sep 30, 2022 Ageolite 28