Daily Challenge: Play The Dunland Trap and play Houses of Healing after reducing its cost to 0 at least once.



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Seastan's Nine Walkers

@Levache Maybe round 5 or 6? It's tricky, because it's essentially a 7 card combo (6 allies plus one card to get Sam into play). I find it helps if you get Legolas out early to build up your hand size so that you can do some deep...

Jan 24, 2020 Seastan 21515

Forth, the Three Children of Elrond! (with the actual contra

A good contender in replacement of Star Brooch since it's not Restricted either, but yes, I'm loathe using Strider because it's not Restricted. It's still a bit more efficient than the Stone of Celebrian as it's a guaranteed +2 wp for 1 neutral resource instead of +3 wp for 2...

Jan 24, 2020 banania 189


@JtothemacExactly! I like to play carefully so I wouldn't play the mirror without the harp^^

Jan 24, 2020 Marcelf 724

Estel and the team

Or ally Arwen, now that you mention it. Perhaps I should bring the number of allies down.

Jan 23, 2020 Ketham 18

A Guide to Action Windows

Yes!! Amazing one must keep that in mind

Jan 23, 2020 banania 189

Brothers of Gondor

hi, in solo i would replace the errants with the Squire. in mono-Leadership i would allways put in Sneak attack + gandalf. ist so flexible. o.k. perhaps ist booring, but i can imagine with it it make more difficult szenaries than without it. (e.g. carn dum). would replace timely aid for Sneak...

Jan 22, 2020 doomguard 63

The Wanderer of Middle-Earth

"As Elrond left, Boromir looked sullen. He had hoped to have the ring for his Make Gondor Great Again strategy".

Jan 21, 2020 Kristian 18

A Rohan Deck for Dunland Trap, Minimum Purchase

I took Kattattack22’s advice and went back to a minimum purchase deck with Power of Orthanc. From Card Talk’s original deck, I took out Faramir, Horn of Gondor, Celebrian’s Stone, Veteran Axehand, & Guard of the Citadel and added three each of Westfold Outrider, Orthanc Guard, and...

Jan 21, 2020 Strategian 21