Daily Challenge: Play The Three Trials using the first deck you ever published.



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Bros for life

I apologize as I didn't mean to come off as argumentative as I really do enjoy people's thoughts and critiques of the card choices. I will try out the changes suggested and I suspect it will make the deck better. Cheers :)

Dec 09, 2022 JTG81 69

Mining Dwarves

Dec 09, 2022 LEGOlas 100

[Puzzle] The Nameless Challenge

Necklace of Girion would also give another point of willpower.

Dec 09, 2022 LEGOlas 100

Friend of Friend of Friends

Elven-light I like for greater mid/late game control and consistency. Love of Tales is probably unnecessary given the low cost-curve of the deck.

Dec 09, 2022 kjeld 388

First Try Deck Build (Lore/Leadership)

You will not be able to play ally Elrond because you can only have one uniquely named character in play at any time.

Dec 09, 2022 Ring Maker 91


@LEGOlas, maybe put another copy of Prepare for Battle is a good option.


Dec 08, 2022 Gonzy 7

Massing at Osgiliath 3 Unlikely Hunters

@LEGOlas I opted for Unexpected Courage since it can go on any of the 3 heroes. The deck already struggles a bit flipping the contract because there is no overlap in traits and more trait specific attachments would hurt consistency. Also it let's me...

Dec 08, 2022 kattattack22 647


I don't understand how the following cards can come into play in this deck::

o Lorien!

Hands Upon the Bow Feigned Voices Pursuing the Enemy

Dec 08, 2022 Jacoher 1