The Galadhrim's Greeting

Event. Cost: 3.

Action: Reduce one player's threat by 6, or reduce each player's threat by 2.

"Welcome to Caras Galadhan!" he said. "Here is the city of the Galadhrim where dwell the Lord Celeborn and Galadriel the Lady of Lórien"
The Fellowship of the Ring
Magali Villeneuve

Core Set #46. Spirit.

The Galadhrim's Greeting

The most powerful threat reduction event, and one that has salvaged many a game for my group. The cost will slow you down, but it often prevents a loss, whether by dodging a 10 attack boss that came out prematurely or giving the team a couple extra turns to close out the game at the end. I don't typically play it unless I have an immediate reason to, or it's late-game and I have extra money. Besides the powerful effect, the flexibility provides extra value, as you can target the player with the ranged guys, choose whether or not to spread it around depending on the situation, etc. I think all decks generally need some form of threat management, and Galadhrim's Greeting is one of the top contenders for mono- or a multisphere deck that can move its resources around in a pinch. Also, if you're playing a doomed deck with other people, be a dude and include 3x of this.

This combined with the Pooch or A Good Meal is insane. — Lecitadin 205
What's the "Pooch?" — Wandalf the Gizzard 2452

I have only 1st cycle finished and for now it's shame that there are not much other powerful cards in my cardpool for threat reduction, except Gandalf and Wandering Took, so this card I usually include automatically, when I play deck. And maybe it's not good. I know I still miss a lot of cards, but this is how I see it now. I think this card is little bit overpowered and maybe I should learn to play without it. Anyway its powerful card for good price with very nice art. verdict: 4/5.

matrosh 540