Northern Tracker

Ally. Cost: 4. 1   2   2   3  

Dúnedain. Ranger.

Response: After Northern Tracker commits to a quest, place 1 progress token on each location in the staging area.

"What roads would any dare to tread, what safety would there be in quiet lands, or in the homes of simple men at night, if the Dúnedain were asleep, or were all gone into the grave?"
Aragorn, The Fellowship of the Ring
Kristina Gehrmann

Core Set #45. Spirit.

Northern Tracker

Northern Tracker is an amazing card. Four resources may seem steep to a beginner, but that ability is insane. He can take out twenty-three of the 594 locations in the game. And if there isn't a location that needs exploring, he still has a very strong two attack, two defense, and three HP. Just awesomesauce.

Awesomesauce? I agree. — Truck 1048

Tracker is my favorite ally from the core set. His ability saved my games million times, his stats are great for that price. He is not unique, which makes him even greater, cause if you got a pair of them on the table, the locations disappear very quickly. Very nice artwork. Verdict: 5/5.

matrosh 348
One of the best cards in the core set, and possibly the whole game! It’s almost like a brilliant event, only you can use it again and again! For a reasonable price as well! — ThorinSonOfMyDad 1