What's great about this Side Quest is that it's not limited to 1 per deck. You can run 3 copies of it to make sure you get the benefit as soon as possible, even without having Thurindir as one of your heroes.


She is a phenomenal spirit hero for the woodmen/ location control archetypes. Typically her setup ability will often get you a free Gavin into play on turn one to make up for her 8 total stats for a 10 cost. Gavin himself is a great resource battery who's only downside is pulling an extra location into the stage area on occasion. Widfast's travel action is just amazing for clearing your staging area of potential location jamming and gives you another target for all your location attachments (specifically limit 1 per location cards like Woodmen's Clearing).

Another option is getting an Eagles of the Misty Mountains for a guaranteed turn 1 big creature play (Seastan made a really strong and unique deck around this).

I love her in my location-control deck and I hope she helps gets more players into the archetype!

I always had issues with using ALeP player cards, playing unofficial scenarios is great, but somehow I am really reluctant to use fan-made content when it comes to player cards... —
Have you considered using ALeP player cards against ALeP scenarios? —

I saw this had no reviews so, I wrote my first one. In a Gandalf deck this is great, even making Brok Ironfist decent with Wizard Pipe in case you draw him. 9 attack on one character with only 2-3 cards needed is nice, though Beorn is better than Brok for obvious reasons. Citadel Custodian combos good with this also. Plus, if you keep score, it gives you -1 point! Yay.

This card works well in a Gandalf/Elrond synergy deck which aims to play high cost cards for free using Vilya. Thus, the deck naturally has expensive bombs like Jubyar, Firyal, and Gildor. —

Paying with threat is buying with a credit. You will pay it back with effects lowering your menace, or will accrue debt interests by having enemies engaging you. My rule of thumb is that 1 threat = 0.5 resource if you play , 1 otherwise. So for 0.5, you add 2 to 3 of with most decks turn 3. With a deck built around this, you will add +5 . With a credit, so in the same spirit Deep Knowledge or Legacy of NĂșmenor, we know how much tempo it gives.

It's pretty awesome.


This card is something of strange: no limit about the bonus, this meaning that if you are engage with 10 enemies he can attack with 11? Yes I wrote 10 to do an exageration but a DĂșnedain's deck can be engaged with 5/6 enemies (standard mode not nightmare) and control the situation with Armored Destrier , Feint, Sneak Attack, and other card, but this guy, when the enemies' attack end can destroy alone some strong enemy, !! You can play for free with Heir of Valandil when heavily engaded and with his ranged trait can save other player without losing is attack bonus.. with Aragorn is something of magic!!! Try him!! Don't forget is 3 hp!!! Not good for a one handed deck

Yes, this and Guardian of Arnor are key cards for a Dunedain deck, especially in multiplayer. I really enjoy it as an archetype. —