When I first saw this card I thought it was too situational to really be useful. Then I realized it can be a nice way to get King of Dale out on the first turn if you aren't running two Spirit heroes in your deck. All you need is a 1-cost attachment, something like Hauberk of Mail or Map of Rhovanion. I find that Dale decks can struggle on their first turn or so when they haven't had the chance to get their allies out yet, so anything that makes it easier to get your engine going as fast as possible is certainly welcome. Not to mention that thanks to Brand son of Bain you've also drawn two cards as well.

A nice glue card for Dale decks that lets you more effectively take advantage of Brand Son of Bain's card draw since you don't have to hold out on playing your attachments until you have the right allies in play. Something to note, however, is that using his effect to move an attachment to a character that doesn't have one will not trigger Brand's Response effect, as Brand specifically requires the attachment to be played.

This is a cool card. I just noticed the typo after playing with this card for years! "Istari trait and a another". This goes into a Tactics Bilbo, Radagast, Gwaihir deck for me. I'm trying to make my review 200 characters long now.

Others have already said it, but I'll also say it: with no known exceptions, you must play three copies of this card in every deck that has a Lore hero. I suppose if there was a quest where discarding a card would mean you lose the game or incur some big penalty, then that would be an exception to the rule, but I'm not aware of any such quest.

There are quests in the Voice of Isengart/Ringmaker Cycle that punish you for drawing cards that also fall in this category. Otherwise you're right. —