Very cool card and it works very well in the sphere because tactics tends to be lacking in the questing/location control department. It is great because it is kind of like questing so that the other players won’t feel like they are carrying the questing as much, that is if you’re playing a weak or location control weak deck.

It is also a great deal for the amount that you are paying for it. 3 for the resources is what I would consider to be a great deal, it doesn’t really get much better than that. On top of that, you also get an incredible ability for your money. Money well spent, I’d say.

One thing about the ability that you might overlook is that the power can be used on ANY location. That’s incredible. You can clear up the threat in the staging area from the locations. It’s kinda like a two for one deal in my opinion because first you’re taking an enemy, reducing the total in the staging area, and getting rid of a weaker location in the staging area which also gets rid of some of the total . I could see him working well with a Northern Tracker or something similar for location control.

He also works quite well with the Beorning Skin-changer as, unlike core Beorn and the Giant Bear who are shuffled back into the deck after the use of their abilities, he is discarded with the use of his ability. The Beorning Skin-changer can transform into beornings in your hand and discard so they work quite well together. This effectively gives you another target for transforming.

I’ve had a lot of success with this bad boy in a beorning deck. I would consider him to be the second best if not best target for a Beorning Skin-changer to transform into, the other target being core Beorn. You save 3 bucks and get a beast of an ally(no pun intended).

Even just to pay for this guy for the five resources would be worth it. You get a four attack ally which is very high for an ally and a great defender too.

He is also very eligible for a Sneak Attack or A Very Good Tale to just stay in for a phase trigger his ability and leave. He can be used similarly to core Gandalf in that way.

He is very tough to take down.

There are also many options in the sphere to pay for this guy for cheaper such as Hirgon, who lets you also give him a boost to and you want, there is also Mablung which works great because you will be triggering his ability consistently in a combat heavy deck like the beorning archetype.

He could also be included in any deck lacking in attack power such as the hobbit decks or scout decks or quest/location control decks.

All in all, this is not an ally to overlook when making a deck.

This card is super effective!... in pipe decks. It is pretty bad in decks not dedicated to the smoking pipe archetype as most of the time you could be paying 2 resources for one card and one damage healed.

On the other hand, in a pipe deck it becomes one of the mvp's of the deck. I included it in my song and pipe deck and ended up drawing four cards or more with it and healed my heroes. It works well along with Smoke Rings to provide a lot of momentum to the deck later in the game. It works with Hobbit Pipe, Wizard Pipe, Dwarf Pipe, and Dúnedain Pipe, all of which are in the proper spheres for these two archetypes.

Hobbit pipe also combos with Smoke Rings so the song and pipe archetypes work together so well.

Also, the picture is incredible. It just looks awesome and is so well done.

Awesome card as it works with Grimbeorn the Old and Beorn very well, especially the latter. It let's Beorn take less damage an dealing more, it's another one of the Bernstein Bear's toys like Horn's Cry, Honour Guard, and Bofur.

It also works similarly with Grimbeorn the Old as they both want to maximize their effectiveness in battle. It's kinda like the hobbit card that raises all of one hobbit's by 2.

I have had a lot of success with this card in my beorning deck with Grimbeorn the Old.

When I first saw this card, I immediately knew that he was gonna be great, but just how great came to a surprise to me. What went right over my head was the fact that his abilities' trigger is a combat action. I thought "oh, he's a way to save resources on beornings, cool" but there's more to it than that.

It lets you quest with him before bringing in an beast Giant Bear or Beorn. In , 1 is great, anything helps in that sphere. This let's you choose if you want to transform him this round or wait and quest with him for another round.

Another thing that is great about him is that his ability let's you put in beornings from your discard pile. It doesn't restrict you to just cards in your hand which combos well with other beornings like Beorning Guardian(I think).

Also, it's nice that they are adding more resource "generation" in the other card types besides leadership.

Way better than I expected.