Tactics from the start of the game has had a rough go. Sure the heroes are all strong warriors but but in a game where only 1/3 of the encounter cards require you to fight something, they often fall short of the two things that help beat quests, getting an engine going (resources/card draw) and Willpower.

Legolas Ally was a push to fix the former, and did it ever work. At 4 cost he is expensive in a sphere that has trouble with resources, but there are ways to help mitigate the high cost: Mablung (extra resources for engaging), Hirgon (play for a -1 cost after questing successfully with him) and Prince Imrahil Tactics (matching hero trait lets you summon Legolas if you are lucky or have some deck manipulation) from the heros department can get him into play easier. Elf-Stone, Timely Aid, Send for Aid or Vilya are also great options if you are going to mix in some Lore or Leadership. And there is no better ally for The Tree People to summon then our Silvan hero.

Once you get past the cost requirements what are you getting?

The same stats from his hero version are present minus 1 hit point. Having an ally with 3 Attack already puts him into a somewhat exclusive tier alongside some of the strongest allies in the game, and being Ranged means you will always be able to use his attack if there is an enemy somewhere.

The real kicker comes from his ability, which allows you to draw a card whenever Legolas participates in an attack that helps destroy an enemy. At a minimum you are getting one card extra a round now, this is huge in a sphere that is limited to this card and two events requiring specific combos to gain cards. And there is no limit, so if you have ways to ready an ally or all characters you can draw as many times as he helps kill an enemy.

What finally pushed me to review this card is the new contract that allows this Legolas to become a hero. From the start you get a more efficient cost then his core set version. Especially since you aren't usually using him for anything but attacking. And now instead of placing progress, each time you ready and help destroy an enemy you are rewarded with card draw, the equivalent of looting enemy corpses for items. Legolas is easy to get around the once per phase restriction with cards like Quick Strike, Hands Upon the Bow and anything you can do to recycle those events.

At a minimum you can easily draw two cards in each combat phase, while helping kill your enemies!

He is able to take all of the Silvan weapons to further boost his attack up, and even more so in his hero version with the contract. Try throwing a weapon on and using Foe-Hammer for an insane 4 card draw!

All in all this Legolas is an amazing ally and an even better hero and helps Tactics overcome one of their biggest weaknesses.

For an unusual Tactics deck that can quest well and draw cards check out: ringsdb.com

And definitely plug this ally into your decks that can take him!

I very much appreciate how this version, while different, mimics the action advantage mechanics of the hero version (Boromir).

Thematically, the first ability fits great with the defender of the Hobbits role played out in the saga expansions where this card emerged. Clearly it can be of great use in low threat decks, but often those are designed around not engaging a lot of enemies or participating in a lot of combat. However I do like the parallel to the oft equipped Gondorian Shield on the hero version. Other standard boosting effects could be considered: Arwen Undómiel, Narya, Behind Strong Walls and Blade Mastery, For Gondor!, Raiment of War play well with his ability to counterattack. Round Shield is also particularly good to keep him in the fight. (I'm omitting discussing fringe or janky shenanigan cases mostly enabled by Sword-thain).

As alluded to, it's the second ability that gets the most mileage personally; as long as he can keep taking damage he can keep readying and defending (he's almost an honorary Ent). Obviously, you're going to need healing, and lots of it. This pairs great with Elrond and any cheap repeatable healing, particularly Warden of Healing, Imladris Caregiver, or even Glorfindel. Hopefully, with Elrond around, you even got him into play via Vilya.

Some fun you can have: Ent Draught, Raiment of War and abusing Vigilant Guard, particularly good with Beorn. The rarely used Sword of Morthond is a great target for him as well.

If a quest has the potential to swarm you with a lot of medium hitting allies, Boromir can be a great defensive solution, especially if you carefully plan out the sequence of your defenses and keep sending him to the House of Healing. He certainly passes the stat points to cost ratio test. Too bad he can't be in play with a Visionary Leadership Boromir.

Good old Aragorn. Got to love this guy. Core set staple character. He's expensive but you are getting what you pay for here. Artwork is awesome too. Not too many people can hold a broken sword and not look dumb. 4/5 stars.


An interesting card. It's free to play, and Doomed 1 isn't usually a big deal. No question, it'd be very nice to know the next 5 encounter cards. Other cards that can work with it are Palantir, etc. However, it's only a one-time use when played, and the true cost (as with many 0 cost cards) is, is it worth the deck space?

As much as I love the idea, thematic tie-in, and the great artwork, usually not, as knowing only the next card is often all you need in solo, which can be done repeatedly with ally staples like Henamarth Riversong or Firyal... both of whom can now become heroes thanks to Messenger of the King. Still, I prefer to play two-handed, so they can't completely scry for me.

However, I recently tried a quest, two-handed, where almost 1/3 of the encounter deck had surges, so I thought to combo Far-sighted with the little used Minas Tirith Lampwright... and I'm glad to say it worked well and felt incredibly satisfying, as Far-sighted let me see cards coming in staging, guaranteed Minas Tirith Lampwright to completely cancel cards (at times with their own surge), and I'd either know the upcoming shadow cards, or poised to at least know the encounter cards next round. (If really lucky, they'd include another surge I can cancel.)

Though to make it happen took 6 cards in my deck, which isn't worth it in regular play, but felt good for that scenario. Thankfully, this game doesn't require that I optimize every deck to the max, making Far-sighted a card that can be used for some fun effects, which at times may be more significant than expected, either on its own or when combined with other cards.


I guess that with the advent of Grimbeorn the Old this card got some new life. Sure there is already Beorn's Rage to use but it's limited to one enemy (and does not work on immune ones), whereas if you include some reading for Grimbeorn (like Rohan Warhorse) this card can give him a buff for both attacks/defenses.

Got some new life with the Council of the Wise contract also. —