Path of Need might be my favourite attachment in the game, if not player card in general too. It's pricey but there are ways around that like Vilya, Bartering, or any slew of the resource-generating cards within the Leadership sphere to help pay for it.

This card is a solid card that can change your game and save the day when things are at its darkest. I used it in my solo Treebeard/Elrond/Gandalf deck that I took through the Sagas and it was the MVP for me. I combined it with the deck-scrying of Henmarth Riversong to know just how much to quest to break even and keep the active location in play, and then I had had three of the strongest heroes in the game able to defend and attack at will without exhausting. One of the most memorable battles involved Treebeard using his 3 Defense and 8 attack to defend with burning brand and then utterly destroy a horde of 7 Haradrim in Journey to the Crossroads. And another, and perhaps the strongest use of the card is using PoN in Helm's Deep where you quest hard to keep the locations in play, and again, having the strongest heroes in the game be able to fight without exhausting in that brutal quest was amazing.

With the addition of Reforged this card has new life breathed into it and I highly recommend it to everyone to try at least once. In an Elrond Vilya deck this card definitely has a forever spot locked in.

The only pity is that you can't combine Vilya and Reforged to use it again and again for free —
Yes this is true, first ones free but after that you have to pay hahaha —
Excellent review! Adding it to my Gandalf/Elrond/Galadriel deck —

Treebeard is an extremely underrated hero. Probably that he has such a good ally version doesn't help (as a rule I have one copy of ally Treebeard in every single deck I build).

But don't be afraid of his high threat, he is worth every point of it due to his amazing ability. Once you load up some Healing and readying on him (which is why he pairs excellently with Elrond hero) he becomes a repeatable rockstar. Throw an Ent Draught on him and he is questing at 7 and hitting for 8 just naturally. Find ways to ready him with Unexpected Courage, Lembas Bread, Cram, Miruvor (huh a lot of food items on this list) and so on and he will single-handedly quest big and win wars for you as a deck centrepiece.

My favourite combos with him are:

-Path of Need, Henmarth riversong and Burning Brand on Treebeard to make him stand firm against all assaults and then obliterate seas of enemies with his non-exhausting 8 attack.

-Fall of Gil-Galad + hero-saving cards (preferably free via vilya) and you have super threat reduction that you can trigger at any time.

-Elrond and any healers or healer cards (Wellinghall Preservers, Warden of Healing, Daughter of the Nimrodel, Self-Preservation, aforementioned Lembas)

He also pairs great with Gloin if you are going the Elrond healer route for some deck madness. Check him out and let Treebeard lead you to victory!

For this review, I'm going to need to link to a review over at ThronesDB. Here's the link now here's why it's important:

Ravenhill Scout is one of the two most game breaking cards in all of LotR.

You see, his ability targets the progress tokens, not the locations themselves, as per the Tears of Lys ruling. Therefore, also going by the Tears of Lys ruling, he can move those progress tokens to a location with "Immune to player card effects," because he's targeting the tokens, not the card. Locations that are immune to player card effects are Northern Tracker proof, Rhovanion Outrider proof, and Asfaloth proof, but not Ravenhill Scout proof. This is a heady mix of stupid and hilarious, one of the arguably weaker cards being able to absolutely destroy one of the encounter deck's strongest abilities. It's potentially even more ridiculous if "moving" progress doesn't count as "placing" progress, because if it doesn't Ravenhill Scout also gets around "Progress cannot be placed on this location while it is in the staging area."

The other top game breaking card is Infighting, if you were wondering, for the same reasons as Ravenhill Scout; it targets the damage, not the enemies.

Why are you using rulings from other games to determine the effects of cards in this game? The Lotr FAQ is clear that can't use cards to damage or placing progress on a card that's immune to player card effects. —
You may actually be right. I was focusing more on the 'getting-around-the-targeting-rule', which, again, Tears of Lys and ally Dori support, but the rulebook's flat-out 'can't use player cards to place progress or damage on' immune to player card effects cards may take precedence. Unless, for some reason, moving damage/progress doesn't count as placing it. —
You would have been better looking at the ruling that Honour Guard can protect Beorn by targetting the damage, not Beorn. I still don't think your idea works, but that would be more relevant as an argument. —

Grima is amazing.

I would go so far as to say he is one of the strongest solo heroes in the game. Still good in multiplayer but you will get some groans about threat raising everyone's dials each round.

But what a strong trade off, for the low cost of one thematic threat raising his poisoned counsels will reduce the cost on ANY sphere of card that you play next. Blanket unconditional cost-reduction is an incredible things. Some examples, being able to play Resourceful, Sword-thain or Treebeard Round 1, in a tri-sphere deck with leadership being able to play Steward of Gondor round 1. In Saga campaigns you can drop a Gandalf Ally any round, even if you start with no resources. Also when compared to other resource-generating characters or effects, Grima can't lose that resource from a treachery card, can still use it even if you can't spend resources, and it's always in play at any point of the round. Grima accelerates your game and combines extremely well with Lore's massive card-drawing effects.

For further craziness combine with Mutiple Masters of Lore and Damrod and you'll be playing the majority of your deck in no time at all. If you haven't tried Grima yet, give him a go. Also combined really well with keys of Orthanc to earn you money of the money you arne't spending. The king's counselor is an excellent addition to any trio of heroes.

Pairs really well with Erestor, Damrod, Galdor, Berevor, Bilbo, Pippin or Ori as their card draw will help give you options for Grima's resource assistance. Lore Aragorn also works well with the Rohan counselor to bring your threat back down later. Cost reduction characters like Theoden and Damrod can stack with Grima for free allies and traps each round.

Sample decks:

Side note: you cannot play Sword-Thain on Treebeard per the game rules. It needs to be from any one sphere, and neutral is not a sphere. We got this clarified back in the Core days, when someone tried to "Stand up and fight" Gandalf. —
Haha I know you can't, I'm just saying it's a strong 4 cost card you could play in one round, and so is Treebeard haha —
My bad, I had , read Sword-Thain ON Treebeard, instead of OR Treebeard :) —
Haha all good it happens your awesome Nickname is giving me cool Half-Life vibes so worth it! And also a helpful reminder about neutral allies to everyone never hurts. Have a great day —
One of the best video games ever! Have a great day too and keep the reviews coming! —

Besides its useful effect for Weapon-heavy decks Bofur brings quite good value to a tactic decks, especially with its 2 and its good health pool. The only downside is that it precludes the use of its Spirit counterpart, Bofur.