Another really good action advantage card, especially in large Fellowships, where enganging enemies can be quite common. Some really good targets for it are Mablung (for engagement double value), the various version of Aragorn and both versions of Faramir

I am surprised this card has still not been reviewed. Jubayr is quite easily one of the best defensive allies of the game, with the right stats and abilities. It's worth noting that its shadow card discard is not necessarily to be used against the enemy it's defending against so you could send Jubayr the defend against a small 3 enemy and use its ability to discard a shadow card from a non-unique 6 (or more) enemy against which sending your Felloswhip uberdefender. Jubayr can also be beefed up with cards like Raiment of War, Squire's Helm or Hauberk of Mail.

This was one of the cards that let us win finally againts Mount Doom, having 9/12 heroes with the Noble trait. It's quite costly, but also in the sphere with the highest resource generation, so it should not be too hard to put in use.

If you are able to get out both twins (even in another deck in a big Fellowship) Elrohir can really help a Spirit deck by being a surprisingly good defender (and also being able to quest when there a lots of Orcs around, which is quite often in this game).

Another good tool for the Beregond tool box, but not necessarily limited to him. It can make a good combo with Raven-winged Helm for those pesky "deal damage" shadow effects and also make some weaker Sentinel defenders like Aragorn a powerhouse for one attack in a pinch.