Those of you who have done a deep dive into Middle Earth lore will remember this guy as the one who sang “Don’t Stop Believin” at Aragorn’s wedding. Sorry, the alternative was a Led Zeppelin cover band joke. Anyway, this is a good card. One resource for two willpower is a bargain even if you need to be engaged with an enemy to play him. This game makes sure you’ll have plenty of opportunity to play him especially with the Dunedain archetype. The hard decision is whether to keep him as a quester or chump him as you’re already engaged with a bad guy. He’s a bit fragile but one can’t expect too much from a one cost character.

Lanwyn is one of my favorite heroes. She's unique in having lots of willpower, attack, and readying all at the same time. However, what's the likelihood of getting two surges in one turn, especially in a lower player count? Well, just put Gavin in your deck and problem solved! He even generates you a resource per round, and if you think it's absolutely necessary to get him out on turn one, just take Widfast and you get him for free! Half the time he will also get rid of some really nasty treachery or enemy. Gavin's only downfall is that you might get a nasty location; but luckily, is home to some of the best location control in the game. So overall, Gavin is another great ALeP addition to the card pool!


The greatest question of all time: Which card is better, Fili or Kili?

I wrote that as a joke but it just occurred to me that Fili is better because leadership is more resource abundant than spirit.

head explodes


There are limited targets for this card ito make it worth losing a quest action from a strong character. A case could be made for Gandalf so you could boost defense and still attack, but my target of choice would be Treebeard. If you can control damage from him defending one round, that gives you a potential two points of damage to use for questing or attacking the next time. Couple this with Pint and the tools that help the Bree trait in aLEP can strengthen Treebeard if you have access to Spirit.

Gift of Foresight works great for any 2-willpower heroes with well-rounded stats, especially those who are included for an ability rather than just their stats. One of my favorite new targets for this card is actually Mablung. Since he can carry a Gondorian Shield, too, this easily gets him to 6 defense. Other options are Beravor (often held back from questing to draw cards, but with this card she can be a credible pinch defender if needed). Spirit Aragorn may be the best in-sphere target, since with his ability he can contribute to the questing phase without actually questing! —
All excellent points. There are some strong 2/2/2 heroes out there. —