Gimli. In my opinion one of the best heroes in the game. Let me explain why:

  1. Great art. (He looks a bit ragged and battle-hardened, as he should though, being a great warrior).
  2. Good all around stats. Already have another defender? No problem, quest with him. He's already 2. With Legolas discard a card to ready Gimli, that's another 1, because of Legolas's ability.
  3. Sentinel. He can defend across the board. Beef him up with Ring Mail, Dwarven Shield, Ancestral Armor, Dúnedain Warning, you name it. Also, readying works great with him. Pop an Unexpected Courage on him and , he can defend twice for around 4 across the board.
  4. His ability. With Steward of Gondor, Resourceful, or any other resource acceleration he can be a beast. Having a hard time deciding what to do with Thorin Oakenshield's stats, or Glorfindel's? Send them on the quest, have Gimli defend, then pay a resource to ready one of them and kill with them. No doubt that he works well with Legolas, but works great with any other decent attacking heroes.

That is why, in my opinion, he is one of my favorite heroes.

My rating: 9/10

Herugrim is grim for orcs indeed. It's pretty safe to say this card was designed specifically with Théoden/Théoden in mind considering the lore and ability. I think it finds great use on both versions of Theoden King. For two resources you're putting out 5 on his version, and 6 on his . While this is only good for one attack it is a very good one. For Theoden you actually have the chance to boost this even more with effects from Silver Circlet. Granted, there are several other ways to boost and some of these do not cost a restricted attachment (try Song of Hope!). Simply put, 5/6 once per round for two resources is amazing.

Theoden does not have to be the only target. Putting Herugrim on Éowyn/Éowyn also smashes through enemies by nature of her high . You're likely to use her for questing, but if you can get an Unexpected Courage courage on her you're in business. Tactics Eowyn can one-shot any eligible enemy in the game (that I can think of) when using her ability with Herugrim. There are other potential targets, but they usually are not worth the work that must go into it. For consistency and best cost-effectiveness Theoden is the best target, and rightfully so.

Herugrim is also among the only weapons and I'd argue it's the best when you boil it all down. It does have restrictions to Rohan heroes of course. I think the damage output is spectacular for the sphere where combat can be an issue. Even as a "one-of" Herugrim is a great to include in any Theoden/Rohan deck if you have the sphere match for it.


Celeborn is a staple in a silvan deck similar to Dáin Ironfoot for dwarves deck. Global buffs are rare abilities in a game and Celeborn ability is really unique and thematic way to play the game. Some will say it's worse off and harder to play as compared to Dain's bonus that is constant and not just limited to a single round. That is particularly true but there silvan allies have some unique abilities that synergise well with this Celeborn abilities.

Firstly, silvan deck required more micro management as you will see allies enter and leave play frequently to trigger their "enters play" effects. For that, you need few cards for maximum effect. Firstly, you need O Lórien! for discount of 1 for silvan allies. Next, is The Elvenking to ensure you can keep replaying silvan allies to trigger their abilities in the next round while maintaining the global buffs. Nenya

Let's try to see the effects of silvan allies 1) Galion. Now he will have 2W when enter play and you can return him to your hand in next round to trigger the effects again as he is 0 cost. 2) Orophin. It's a unique card you say, no more. Return him to your hand and you can trigger his effect again to return an ally to hand from discard to ensure you have constant access to ally cards. With discount from o lorien, 2 cost for 3W and 3S is nothing to sniffed at.

To truly unlock Celeborn abilities to next level, you will need his wife Galadriel to ensure allies don't exhaust to quest when enter play. Now orophin can quest for 3 and not exhausted so he has ranged attack of 3. There are many other different permutations and experiments here. Some will argue that Thranduil will be the third hero to complete the trifecta to bring solid defense and ability to play silvan ally of any sphere (albeit only in combat phase). This is not necessary imo as Legolas and Éomer provides better synergy and allow access to tactics sphere. Nenya already providers galadriel access to lore sphere so you have 4 sphere. This is to ensure allies can enter during planning phase and quests and not exhausted for defense or attack later. Have fun playing silvan decks.


I Love this card! I find it so useful! Besides Mablung, there isn't really a lot of resource acceleration and it's nice to bring out some big attachments or allies. I've made several mono tactics decks that revolve around this card. I find that Hirgon works amazing with this card, as you can benefit from his ally bringing in ability by putting in more expensive allies. All in all one of my favorite cards in the game.

My opinion: 9 out of 10.

This is a really good card. Rohan has the tied-for-best hero in the game, (Éowyn, or Éowyn) and if she has Snowmane and this card on her so she an quest 4 and defend 5. This is none too bad on Théoden, or Théoden either because you can fit Snowmane and this card on him so he can quest for 2 (3 if ) and defend for 4 (5 if ), and still have room for Celebrían's Stone, or if it's Théoden Silver Circlet.

There are many uses for this card and it is really powerful.

Overall 8/10.