Valiant Sacrifice

Event. Cost: 1.

Response: After an ally card leaves play, that card's controller draws 2 cards.

"He fell defending the Hobbits, while I was away upon the hill.
Aragorn, The Two Towers
David A. Nash

Core Set #24. Leadership.

Valiant Sacrifice

I underestimated valiant sacrifice originally, but it's actually pretty good. It's fairly cheap, and allies leave play fairly often. Campfire Tales, Erestor, and We are not Idle are the only other leadership card draw sources that aren't trait specific and valiant sacrifice holds it's own.

This is great addition to all those decks using mechanic where all the cards leaves and enters play. With Prince Imrahil and eagle deck I use it all the time. The artwork could be more dynamic and detailed, but its still good. Verdict: 4/5.

matrosh 522

A long time I really liked this card, but no I don´t include it in decks any more. Here is why:

  • It is conditional. Yes, there are scenarios or deck building mechanisms, that drigger this condition easily, but in other this could be quite a problem.
  • Its cost: It is not one -ressource for two cards. It is one -ressource and one card (the card itself) for two cards.

If you have a deck wich triggers the conditional by nature and you have Steward of Gondor on the table it is a good card, but nothing more. I don´t think it is great at all.

With 3 Valiant sacrifice, it's like playing with 3 cards less, as drawing it replaces itself fairly easily. It thins your deck. Let's say you really need a specific card one per deck by turn 3. — batman 96
Also, a single additional card is very strong just by itself. Just look at Magic the Gathering where a fair price to draw a card is three resources. — NERD 759