One of my favorite card!! Use it with Idraen and her power to be ready after a location leaves the table to heal after the quest, or with Miruvor or [Unexpected Courage](/card/01057!! Athelas can salve your game several time!!! Verdict 10/10


With outlands being for speed this card works against itself needing at least 4 (probably closer to 6 allies) down before any resource acceleration. Also, no versions of Prince Imrahil are designed for outlands, as they are focused around temporary allies. In addition, giving him the outlands trait is helpful, but why not just use Hunter of Lamedon instead? The need for the spoiled prince also removes a better Outlands support hero slot such as Erestor, Denethor, Théodred, or Gandalf. This card should really only be used for fun rather than power. It is mostly just thematic to fix Prince Imrahil not having the Outlands trait.


I know this card is trying to encourage multi-colored decks, but why would I not just feint for a coin cheaper if I am going to trigger the second ability. I guess with 3 Gondorian Spearman or other similar cards such as Defender of Cair Andros or Spear of the Citadel but that is awfully niche.

Feint will not work against immune enemies, which also tend to have high attack, or enemies attacking outside the combat phase or enemies making unexpected additional attacks. This card is one of the few options to add Defense stats too. But yeah it's quite niche, though it can be quite fun with some Spears of the Citadel shenanigans. —
I never knew it added the defense, I play like the enemy is just attacking each chosen defender. If playing with the combined Defense stats would you choose who would take any damage delt or would it be split evenly as possible? —
You choose who gets the damage, starting with one character, dealing all possible damage to it and then moving on to the next one if necessary (and so forth until all the damage is dealt) —
This makes this card a lot more playable for me, Thanks. —



Yeah, wonldn't surprise me if Charizard shows up on a future card. —

I don't believe this card is very good unfortunately, or at the very least it is pretty much outclassed by Bow of the Galadhrim in nearly every way. I put multiple copies of this in my ranged Silvan combat deck but eventually left them out for Rivendell Blade.

The problem with this card, unless I'm reading the rules wrong, is the ranged condition. Just because the character gains ranged does not mean it is making a ranged attack. If an enemy engages you, this card is no good. If you have the ability to attack staging area enemies (with Haldir of Lórien), this card does not help you. Bow of the Galadhrim gives you +1 in that first case and +2 in the second.

Maybe there are some niches cases to this card, I'd say giving Aragorn or Elladan ranged if your party depends on it is probably the most likely. Perhaps you have an unranged Silvan like Mirlonde or something. You could give her this so that she can eventually get Bow of the Galadhrim.

Indeed this is most useful in giving Ranged to those who lack, but it can also be slightly helpful for heroes loke Haldir since it's not a restricted attachment, so it can be stacked onto a couple of other weapons. —
Ah yes good call, I missed the fact that it is not restricted. —
I have had a question about the ranged keyword that the community may be able to help me with. It is only considered a “ranged attack” when a character is attacking an enemy engaged with another player correct? So this card would not give Haldir +1 attack if he used his ability to attack someone in the staging area right? —
It's a "ranged attack" when you join an attack through the use of the Ranged keyword, or when a card effect explicitly calls it so, like how it happens with Great Yew Bow. —
Thanks! So this card would not give Haldir +1 attack if he used his ability to attack an enemy in staging area because his ability does not specifically say he is making a ranged attack. —
That is correct. Attacks into the staging area are just regular attacks outside the normal attacking rules. For an attack to be considered Ranged, the enemy being attacked has to be engaged with another player. This has often come up with Hands Upon the Bow, which allows a character with the Ranged trait to make an attack into the staging area. Key thing to remember is that attack is not a ranged attack; it is a regular attack by a ranged character outside the normal rules of attacking enemies. —