Since usually an uber-defender will be loaded with lots of Armor attachments this free shadow cancellation is a must on any deck with such a defender and Tactics access in my opinion, with the most obvious choice of defender being Beregond.

A surprisingly strong and useful ally. It can often quest for 2-3 or more but the real kicker is his ability. Since the game has progressed Travel cost have become more and more heavy and being able to completely bypass them can be quite the life-saver. One of Lore best allies in my view.

When I first saw this card and thought it was rather weak. Now after some consideration this is the card that makes guarded attachments work. Cheating the attachment into play during quest phase after staging gives the player a better idea if they can handle the extra threat and enemy/location. If you are playing guarded attachments this card makes it work.

I think the best timing during the quest phase would be after resolution so you don't have to count the guarding card threat for that phase. —

A unique ally with very good stats and the chance of being played quite cheaply in a big Fellowship where ending up with at least 1-2 enemies still engaged in the planning phase is not so uncommon. Even at full cost it might still be worth it, especially in a usually rich mono Leadership deck. It also has surprisingly a good sinergy with Hobbit decks, perhaps to show all the work the character did in the book to keep the Shire safe.

Besides all the shenanigans in a Caldara deck this is still a powerful, though costly, ally for Spirit where it can help quite a bit in the combat department. It can also be more powerful if you are building around the Gondor trait with Visionary Leadership and Boromir. Also a great character and a nice artwork.