A really bad Hero, unless you desperately need (more) card draw (and highly questionable even then)

Not gonna lie, Bilbo Baggins is imo a strong contender for the title "worst hero in the game". Insanely overpriced at 9 for his absolutely horrible stats.

How bad he is is actually somewhat showcased by Beravor, a card that comes in the core set, that is, for all (relevant) intents and purposes a better hero.

For just 1 more Beravor can both draw your table 2 cards per turn and choose the drawing player.

Plus her 2 2 2 4 make her a better emergency... well everything than Bilbo Baggins.

The only edge Bilbo has over Beravor, is that he doesn't need to exhaust to draw cards so he is free to...?

To do what exactly is my question? Quest for 1 paltry ? Attack for equally paltry 1 ? Defend with his 2 and 2 ?

Just questing puts poor little Bilbo Baggins in very serious danger of dying due to damage from treacheries from the encounter deck (and the cycle Bilbo Baggins appears in already contains such "fine" Treacheries like Necromancer's Reach, Evil Storm and Rockslide). I don't think i really need to elaborate, why defending seems a surefire way for Desaster... Attacking is mostly fine but do you really need exactly 1 more ?

If you need card draw (and you decided you do, why else include Bilbo Baggins?) Is this 1 (or if quest permits it 1 ) worth drawing 1 less card and not even being able to choose who it goes to?

And sure you can try to compensate for Bilbos extremely lacklustre stats with attachments... But to what end? Why not play the same attachments on an already good hero to make that same already good hero even better?

In short, don't play Bilbo Baggins unless you desperately need card draw and you (or someone else at the table) already plays Beravor (and even then strongly consider if the 1 extra card per round is really worth basically getting an almost useless hero).

I feel that Bilbo gets a bad rep for being too expensive and because of Beravor being vastly superior to him in all areas for 1 additional cost. However, I think he is actually better than Beravor for a number of reasons. Firstly, his ability is passive. Beravor on the other hand requires you to exhaust her in order to use her ability, rendering her other stats useless without any consistent readying effect. With only Wingfoot available in-sphere to ready her, she only really needs her willpower stat if you are going to use her ability each round. Secondly, Bilbo has access to some very powerful cards due to his hobbit trait. Fast hitch for cheap repeatable readying and with a burning brand, Boots of Erebor and protector of lorien on him, he becomes a very capable defender. A Good Meal makes some of those expensive Lore cards far more attractive. Lorien's wealth, Beorn's Hospitality, hell; even Gandalf's Search becomes a decent card after a Good Meal! Admittedly, in multiplayer his ability is less useful than Beravor's but with the Ranger/Hobbit synergy now available, the question shouldn't be whether to use Bilbo or Beravor but why wouldn't you use both of them together! —
Totaly agree with Aurion —
Bilbos stats might be worse but at least you get to use his —

This card is even better then Stand Together in heavy enemy quest. If you have enough resources, you will not waste any action to stop a horde of orcs. Yes, for using it, you need three different resource pools, however i don't think you're limited to mono - tactics decks. If you're using Song of Battle for some reason or attachments like Narvi's Belt, consider to add this card to your deck, it can do miracles in nasty enemy quest. Artwork is excellent and adequate. Verdict: 4/5.


Well, I really underestimated this card. It's not really good in many occasions, however in heavy enemy quest, It can actually save your game and it's free to play. if you will be able to use it with all 3 copies of Gondorian Spearman and some heroes with Spear of the Citadel, then even better for you. For me was enough that I was able to block six orcs with two heroes and then put them down with my allies. And with Háma I can pretend I have three core sets. Artwork is also nice. Verdict: 4/5.


Bilbo maybe won't be appreciated in multiplayer games, however in solo game, he is really worth to be played. His threat is maybe high, but still worth for two cards per round without any exhaust. His stats ain't good enough for you? No problem. Give him Protector of Lórien for start and Fast Hitch and A Burning Brand. Now he become quite versatile quester/defender and with the amount of incoming cards, no problem with discard. Or you can use Hobbit Cloak. Not enough hit points? Well, these Boots from Erebor were made like for him. And if you'll feed him with Good Meal he will give you nice discount for several event cards like Beorn's Hospitality, Lórien's Wealth, Out of the Wild, Risk Some Light and so on. I think he even shines between his other versions, where saga Bilbos look more epic, but are not playable outside saga content, and ally Bilbo Baggins is simply not so versatile as his old hero version. I also like the fairy-tale artwork reminding me the old Hobbit book, where all this stories started. Verdict: 4/5.


This is probably my favorite secrecy card. It's not the most powerful, especially in the face of cards like Resourceful, Timely Aid, and Out of the Wild. But I like scrying! And this card is good enough to warrant inclusion in most decks focused on encounter control, secrecy or not.

Okay, so in secrecy, this card is broken good and should be in any secrecy deck running Lore. Setup your next turn (more in solo) and potentially avoid a game-ending card for no cost! At full price, it is definitely more of a hard sell. That's a whole turn's worth of resources in a mono-lore deck. The effect is still very much worth it in solo, though.

Final verdict, I think one of two things needs to be true for this card to be truly good. It either needs to be played solo (worth it at full price) or in a secrecy deck (so in multiplayer, when fewer turns' worth of cards are seen, the resource cost is reasonable). Neither of those are hard to pull off, and if both are true; Risk some Light is mulligan worthy.