I feel like this is undercosted, given that The Favor of the Lady also costs 2 resources and only grants 1 and has no other effect. is known for its resource generating power and is known for providing the questing power so it only stands to reason that either the amount of granted by these cards should be switched or Celebrían's Stone should cost at least 1 more resource (and favour of the lady should only cost 1).

Also, if it costed more or only granted 1 , it wouldn't need to be restricted, which is one of the most annoying things about this card. Why would a stone worn around my heroes neck prevent it from wielding two weapons? Theme's all off for me there!


Discovered very recently the interest of that card, I must say ! I was playing the excellent Ambush at Erelas (ALEP) and looking to have good defenders on both sides of the 2-handed table. In the second scenario of the cycle - The battle for the Beacon - I found new ways of using it to play other, non-sphere friendly, Rohan allies for a nice thematic matchup against the Dunlendings.

This card is versatile - at the utmost - and you pay exactly what the ally cost, which is a bargain !

Leadership Aragorn is a very versatile character, allowing you to ready him for 1 resource each round. Throughout the game this is going to get expensive so you are better to find some other way of readying him at some point but in the early game it is extremely powerful to be able to quest with him and ready for combat. With his 3 , you really want to be attacking with Aragorn but his high hit points and sentinel ability, mean that he makes a decent emergency defender when needed.

I think the key to using this early version of Aragorn is to design the deck around him. I don't usually like wasted stats and tend to pick heroes that have a dedicated role but once Aragorn has his toys, he is pretty formidable and can do all things well. Celebrían's Stone enables him to quest for 4 and gives him a icon to be able to pay for some very useful and powerful cards, such as Unexpected Courage for extra readying, A Test of Will and Hasty Stroke. For this reason, he's a great candidate for Steward of Gondor and any other resource generating cards you might use. He's in sphere with Sword that was Broken to provide a significant boost to and even gives the humble Snowbourn Scout new purpose. Also in sphere are Steed of the North and Roheryn together allow Aragorn to engage an enemy and immediately attack it. The latter also gives him a icon so he can gain access to even more combat boosting cards, though he has in-sphere access to Dúnedain Mark and in-traitaccess to Gondorian Fire. Alternatively, you can make use of him as a capable defender with the group by slapping an Armored Destrier on him and boosting his with Dúnedain Warning, [Blood of Númenor] (/card/05013)

The introduction of Thorongil makes for some interesting strategies as you could start off with core Aragorn for his readying ability and then bring in one of his other versions depending on the scenario. Aragorn is a great choice in most situations.

With his innate readying ability, he is also a great choice for a two-hero deck as you'll be able to have a hero ready for combat even if Strider takes its time coming out of your deck and with his 5 you can potentially afford to take an undefended attack or two and then heal him up with the in-sphere Dúnedain Remedy or the in-trait Athelas. Arwen Undómiel's ability and the synergy between dunedain and noldor makes her a great partner but the same could be said for Sam Gamgee or Glorfindel or either version of eowyn.

His attachments granting him additional spheres make him excellent in an Elfhelm deck too.

All in all, this early version of Aragorn still stands the test of time and if anything has improved as the card pool has expanded.


This has to be one of the most underrated cards from the core set.

It is so versatile. If you are using the classic sneak attack & beorn/gandalf combo, I would highly recommend that you throw this in to your deck. Sneak either of them in during combat. With Gandalf, you can defend for 4 , ready using Ever Vigilant and attack back for 4 . With Beorn you can get 2 big attacks out of him before he runs off.

It is also phenomenal with Faramir as his ability isn't restricted to once per phase and so you can add 2 or more to each questing character!


This is without doubt the single most powerful card in the game. You have to pass a test of will to leave it out of your deck!

Personally, I think it's too powerful. I think it should make you draw another encounter card, or at least shuffle the cancelled card back into the encounter deck.

Being able to cancel any when revealed effect with no drawback is highly unimaginative. Yes, you're limited by only having 3 copies in your deck and so you my be forced to choose when to make use of it but as soon as you understand to only use it in a game ending situation the illusion of choice is shattered. Also, with all the recursive cards available to it isn't hard to pretty much cancel most encounter card effects once you've got hold of a copy of test of will.