Underrated solid hero. Smoothing and acceleration. Only leadership Denethor, who is absolutely top of the charts good can do the things Theodred does. Theodreds stats are bad, but the have to be when his ability is so good. Consider, Mablung and Hirgon are powerful heros that people like, but they accelerate tactics resources only. People love Bifur as a glue card. Theodred can generate that lore resource instead of swapping a leadership for a lore resource. He is great with cousin Eowyn, but generally any hero you want to be a dedicated quester. That means your deck will need a defense or attack hero you can rely on, and allies to fill the other gap. You can use those hero level allies thanks to Theodred.

The new Gondorian "Taps" bugle. The HOG was overpowered, way too powerful with silvans on the table. But this version basically takes it out of the card pool unless you love chump blocking which makes it good for swarm decks. Just really unsatisfying to use for a very memorable artifact from the story. Could have had valour synergy, "exhaust horn to raise your threat by 1 and add 1 resource" or "exhaust HOG raise your threat by 1 and ready up to 3 allies" something powerful enough to justify its "unique" and "restricted" trait in most decks. Plenty of tactic decks might actually use something like that.

This is an auto-include if you’re running spirit in Heirs of Numenor and Against the Shadow. The majority of the quests have shadow cards that do this to the player, so having a free means to effectively cancel the extra damage is amazing.

No reviews for tactics Imrahil? Well he's not really popular, either in this or his leadership form, but I find his unique ability incredibly useful with combat-heavy quests and encounters. So right off the bat, you get a strong hero with a great range of stats- the 2WP is nice in a sphere that averages less than that. He's a capable defender, and can deal a good bit of damage, too. But his real strength is his ability, combined with his three traits that make him work in a variety of decks: I've successfully used his ability in everything from a Gondor tactics deck to a leadership/tactics dwarf/Gondor/Rohan hybrid deck- which worked because most, if not all of those allies shared at least one trait with our venerable prince. I've even teamed him up with Na'asiyah with good effect. I'd be hard-pressed to pick between leadership Imrahil and tactics Imrahil, but if I had to pick one, I'd give a slight edge to this incarnation, as I've personally found his ability to be an absolute lifesaver and occasionally a game-changer; being able to instantly bring out reinforcements as needed is high utility, and it gets even more useful when paired with the leadership access to resource generation and management. Again, remember that his ability can work with many deck and card types, including many elves, dwarves, etc. so he lends himself well to experimentation! Starting out with the Gondor, Noble, and Warrior traits is great, but throwing attachments on him that bestow traits- like Sylvan, Noldor, Rohan, Outlands, etc.- make him potentially suitable to such a wide variety of decks that I'm really surprised he isn't more highly-regarded. Give tactics Imrahil a shot; it's a lot of fun experimenting with him!

I'm wanting to try him at some point, but the experimentation is what sounds like fun. Sylvan in particular could be fun - they all have bouncing effects and Imrahil is basically just bouncing a Sylvan for 1 resource every round. I'm sure it will never be as efficient as a dedicated deck for the trait, but fun it would be! —
hmm, that makes me want to try teaming the Prince up with Celeborn. since Celeborn's effect triggers at "enters play" and doesn't require playing from the hand, that could be an interesting combo. and roughly half of Silvan allies already have the Warrior trait! ^^ —