Fast Hitch

Attachment. Cost: 1.


Attach to a Hobbit character.

Action: Exhaust Fast Hitch to ready attached character.

'And I put as fast a hitch over the stump as any one could have done, in the Shire or out of it.' Sam, The Two Towers
David A. Nash

The Dead Marshes #103. Lore.

Fast Hitch

Fast Hitch is a very good card. An Unexpected Courage for one resource is bonkers, but then Hobbits were never really worth those extra actions; unless your running a super Bilbo or Sam deck. The recent influx of Hobbit cards in the Mountain of Fire has made this even more useful. Another point is that it attaches to a character not just to heroes.

Whoops, I don't know what that was. Sorry! — Wandalf the Gizzard 1363
Edited review — Wandalf the Gizzard 1363
Sorry, but your mistaken. The Hobbits, need that extra actions. Sam or Frodo to Quest and Defend, Merry to Attack, or Reduce Threat. — Libro Rojo 284
What I mean, is that without their attachments, Hobbits won't get much use out of readying; due to their low stats. However, even without Hobbits pumped up, Fast Hitch is still apowerful card. — Wandalf the Gizzard 1363

Hobbits don't have very high stats, but look at it this way... There's no hero in the game that wouldn't be worth 1 resource if they were an ally. Putting this on a hero is somewhat like paying 1 for a slightly overstatted ally, plus the extra "abuse ceiling" if you were to start using attachments and tricks with them. Also notice that it isn't restricted. There's really no downside if you happen to be using hobbits and books.

That said, the best recipients are characters with exhaust abilities or decent attack - willpower only matters once per round typically, and hobbit blockers will quickly end up as chunky salsa. That basically implies Merry, in either his or variations. Merry is the only hobbit who can have a respectable base attack, plus you'd have access to Dagger of Westernesse already. Merry could quest for 2 without giving up his ability, plus he could reduce threat multiple times if shadow effects reveal extra cards (fairly common.) Frodo Baggins is another decent target for his 2 and safe block, but only once per round. In other cases so far, it's not too exciting until you get some combos together.

Tom Cotton can be a decent defender, and you could put it on Sam for an extra use of his boosted stats. — Wandalf the Gizzard 1363