Messenger of the King

Contract. Cost: 0.

Side A

You cannot choose more than 2 heroes during setup.

Setup: Choose a non-neutral unique ally from your deck and put it into play. Add the sum of that ally's printed , , , and hit points to your starting threat. Then, flip this card over and attach it to that ally.

Side B

Attached ally loses the ally card type and gains the hero card type

Attached character cannot be readied more than once per phase

Messenger of the King is immune to card effects while attached character is in play.

If attached character leaves play, remove Messenger of the King from the game.

"I am a messenger of the King" he said. "You are speaking to the King's friend, and one of the most renowned in all the lands of the West."
-Pippin, The Return of the King
Justin Gerard

The Land of Sorrow #134. Neutral.

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Some notes on this contract: 1 -- The Ally you choose must be in your 50. 2 -- The "Setup:" occurs after you draw your hand. This means, that if you draw the Ally you wish to use for this, it will be ineligible (assuming you have only 1 copy) 3 -- You can choose any Ally in your deck. I believe this will make this a very versatile contract because you can choose the Ally that best works with your hand or the quest you're one. Or maybe not.

Just wanted to give a heads up to people who are using this because I see a lot of decklists that do not have the MotK Hero they've chosen in their decklists.

Not a true review. I do believe this is a great addition to the game and will create many exciting new options and I look forward to using it when it is finally released.

@Madd.Dawgg Caleb Grace and Matt Newman pointed this out in their interview on Card Talk. They also pointed out that they thought — kattattack22 222
Continuing earlier comment since I can't figure out how to it: They thought this was fine because it's a low chance of drawing it twice with a mulligan. Also they related another instance where players just played a card as intended rather then follow how the effect would go strictly following the rules. I expect everyone is going to just make their intended messagener a hero and draw their hand. It's just going to be easier and avoid unnecessary mulligans. — kattattack22 222
It'd be nice if they just officially made it work "correctly." — NoSoup4you 626
We already talked about a house rule, so you still make a 50 card deck and your MotK starts in play, but I do think the versatility aspect is exciting by itself. And I should listen to listen to that podcast! Thank you. — Madd.Dawgg 9
Since it doesn't say "Search your deck for an ally...", could one not make the argument that an ally in your hand is "in your deck". It says "Choose an ally FROM your deck", so I'd say an ally that you've drawn is still "from your deck". Is there another card with this same wording that would act as a precedent? — StephenMotz 109