Imladris Stargazer

Ally. Cost: 2. 0   0   1   1  


Action: Exhaust Imladris Stargazer to choose a player. That player looks at the top 5 cards of his deck and then returns them to the top of his deck in any order.

Magali Villeneuve

Foundations of Stone #106. Spirit.

Imladris Stargazer

Imladris Stargazer in an incredibly powerful card and should be a consideration for every deck running Spirit. The ability to set up your next five cards is a huge boost to efficiency, not just a way to make sure your Zigil Miners, Hidden Caches, Well Equipped, and Elrond hit. I've even successfully defended with her against those wimpy Eastern Crows. This is a great ally, put it in all your spirit decks.

Combine her with King Under the Mountain for excellent synergy. — Nystrum 40