Ally. Cost: 1. 1   3   2   3  

Creature. Eagle.

Ranged. Sentinel.

Cannot have restricted attachments.

Forced: At the end of the round, discard Wilyador unless the players as a group spend 1 resource.

Sam White

The Land of Sorrow #117. Neutral.


If his name was anything but Wilyador then I’d use him. His stats are great, his recurring cost is fair and he has Ranged/Sentinel too. Keep him around until he is no longer needed/wanted.

Not being able to use him in Journey to Rhosgobel is SO annoying (since that is where he would shine without compare) that I just don’t want to rely on him at all.

Nystrum 35
Wilyador is absolutely necessary with Hero Gwaihir, and a huge help first turn with Radagast if his Raven doesn't show up. Also excellent to power-up Eages of the Misty Mountains. And that's not to mention that he's splashable in literally any deck except Three Hunters and The Last Alliance (unless Eagle is one of the traits). — kjeld 495