With the help of this card me and my brother got at least 60 EXTRA progress on the last stage of the last scenario of Over Hill and Under Hill! In one round!!! Very good card especially for KD. This is a must have in DWARF decks

Over all 9/10


Farmer Maggot is ok, I guess, for Hobbit decks. They are the only decks with threat low enough to make his ability ok, and he is a little overpriced. I still include him, for hopes of Steward of Gondor and some songs being able to buy him. His MotK hero I do not think anyone should use, except for joke decks.

He is the original Pennywise, being called "Penny-wise" by Tom Bombadil in "The Adventures of Tom Bombadil"


I think it's finally time for the Minas Tirith Lampwright to show his quality. Far-sighted is one of the most recent events that might breathe new life into this somewhat forgotten ally by making it more efficient. Playing this event allows you to see what's coming from the top 5 cards of the encounter cards rather easily. The Lampwright will fit perfectly in a Firyal (MotK) deck (I have a Saruman - Firyal (MotK) - Galadriel deck I'm really proud of). You can rarely see any quests without the Surge keyword popping up in the most unfortunate moment, so I'm eager to use his services.


I think Hobbit archer is a better version of Guard of the Citadel which has the same stats minus ranged and the ability. the ability is most useful in a hobbit deck but can be useful in other decks too. the only negative that i can see i using the hobbit archer is losing the Gondor or warrior keywords.


Beravor's effect is good but is it just me or does she die SUPER EASILY?!?! It seems that the pesky "Deal one (or two) damage to each exhausted character" always gets her after letting her take three archery damage cuz of her four .

That's not necessarily a case of Beravor dying super-easily, then, so much as the result of stacking damage on characters. The Necromancer's Reach in the Core Set is meant to provide a lesson, namely don't exhaust characters with 1 health remaining when there's still the potential for them to get hit by direct damage. Beravor's bulk is okay, and A Burning Brand can help turn her into a defender if you really want, but that doesn't mean that she's above the "Don't exhaust 1 health characters if there's The Necromancer's Reach or equivalent in the encounter deck" rule. —