Defender of Cair Andros is a very powerful card. That is pretty clear to see. But is it worth it for 4 resources?

Lets first look at his stats.

One on a character is always welcome, though the cases when he will be questing, since he is a defender, are admitedly few. This does save him from effects like Power in their Terror.

One attack is ok, but since he does have the Gondor trait that can be boosted by effects like Boromir if you need it.

Where the Defender really shines is... defending. Shocker. In most decks, (i.e. non secrecy) he is immediately able to defend for at least 2. His three hitpoints also make him much more difficult to kill than, say, Defender of Rammas. His Valour response is icing on the cake, allowing direct damage, similar to Spear of the Citadel or Gondorian Spearman. This also helps for extra damage opportunities on enemies like Nazgul of Minas Morgul or the stage 3 effects on Shelob.

Finally, Defender of Cair Andros is an excellent pair with Raiment of War. He also works very well with Hirgon or Prince Imrahil

All in all, Defender of Cair Andros is very much worth it and can be splashed into many, even non-Gondor decks.

All around solid card. I found his ability to be especially useful when paired with Gimli because it allows you the luxury of taking an attack undefended without fear of any nasty surprises and placing the damage on the son of Gloin. Our dwarf can then swing back with a boosted attack. Typically you have to block with Gimli first before he gets boosted, but with this card you don’t have to which gives you a tempo boost over the encounter deck.

I mean, who wouldn't go for a flaming red haired babe with a falcon?

Lanwyn is a great hero, one of my favorites from the Dream-Chaser cycle. Her response is powerful, especially when combined with scrying shenanigans so you can know a surge is coming. The fact that her ability is twice per phase means that it is sometimes possible to have her questing for 4, and ready! She also is a great pair with Late Adventurer, so that if you didn't commit her to the quest, but reveal a surge, you now have an extra 4. I've used her solo and multiplayer in campaigns, since there are a plethora of surges in those scenarios. One small thing to be careful of: she does only have three hitpoints, which is fine, just something to keep in mind. Opening The Thing in the Depths, I immediately built a deck and tried her out. It took me almost three months to realize, not only does she have great stats and a great ability, SHE HAS RANGED TOO! Another nice thing is she's not overused like, cough, cough, Éowyn. You are unlikely if going to a tournament to see Lanwyn across the table from you! Also her two less common traits can contribute to The Free Peoples. All in all, Lanwyn is a great hero with great stats, keywords, and ability. Kudos to Aleksander Karez for awesome art as always!

When you activate this contract, at the refresh phase, if I have 3 restricted attachments on my heroes, , does the text on side B ''Each of your heroes can have 1 additional restricted attachment and gets +1 for each restricted attachment on it.'' means that my heroes can have a fourth restricted attachment?

No it's basically telling you again that you can have 3 restricted attachments each, otherwise you would lose that bonus from Side A getting back to 2 restricted attachments. —

This is one of my favorite cards. I use it in pretty much every deck I play. The 9 extra resources (12 if in a Saga scenario) are absolutely insane. You draw 3 cards, then play pretty much your entire hand. This is especially amusing in multiplayer, when multiple people play it and drop a ton of stuff. One of my favorite combos: any good solo deck, plus three decks with a ton of card draw and cheap attachments and events, first round: three support decks all play Justice Shall Be Done in the planning phase, then quest, possibly using Gildor's Counsel or doomed events and Doom Hangs Still, then all three support decks play multiple Desperate Alliance in refresh phase. Boom. Solo deck has at least 6 heroes.

Unfortunately that combo does not work, any effect which triggers at the end of the refresh phase (like your use of Desperate Alliance) come before the actual end of the round, which stand outside the Refresh phase. —
You can find Caleb answer about this here —
Oh ok! Thanks Alonewolf87! That makes sense. Does it work though if one player plays three Desperate Alliances to give all heroes away, then has no heroes and is thus eliminated? —
Giving away your last hero with Desperate Alliance (or having Stinker hit Smeagol while it's your last hero and so forth) does not make you automatically lose, it's having all your heroes destroyed and/or discarded (read "in the discard pile") which prompts your loss —
Darn it. Thanks for the clarification! —