What's overlooked about this card is the fact that the cost may be paid by any player at the table that has access to resources, it doesn't have to be the player controlling Ioreth. This makes her a very valuable multiplayer ally - if you absolutely need to spend your resources elsewhere this round, your buddy can trigger healing for you. I love this card.

Overlooked? It's written right on the card. —

I’ve been playing a lot of multiplayer recently and Derndingle Warrior is great. Self Preservation and Ent Draught are a great combo on him. Unexpected Courage is also useful allow more chances to defend, if you have access to . Even with Beregond on the table he gets a lot of use! I often run my Ents with Hobbit heroes and low threat so having Sentinel means your fellow players can concentrate on attacks on enemies who’ve engaged them while you defend. Great card.

he cannot get the courage —

This seems like one of the generically best boons to choose from this scenario. 1 cost for 3 attack, plus a little bit of progress too.

Though I wonder where the flavor texts on the new boons in this scenario come from. It just says "The Lord of the Rings," but a Google search for this card's flavor text has turned up nothing. Also, the art (while not bad) is really plain and I wish it were a picture of her fighting an orc or being rescued from a prison cell in Mount Gram rather than just her standing there looking smug.

(EDIT: As one of the replies has pointed out, the flavor text is a description of Éowyn from The Return of the King.)

The quote is from the description of Eowyn as she prepared to face down the Witch-King in Return of the King :). —
Ah wow, thank you! —
Not a fan of the art. It's so generic and boring. Kind of reminds me of Terraforming Mars' art. It would make for a nice eharmony pic though. —
@eddyvan Loool I can see that —

Recently I have found a sweet use for this card in my Aragorn / Arwen Undómiel / Frodo Baggins deck - Good Meal synergizes perfectly with Stand and Fight. Consider this: if you lack resources, you can play Good Meal on Frodo Baggins, discard it, then discard e.g. Gildor Inglorion with Arwen's ability to add a resource to her pool and then play Stand and Fight to put Gildor into play for 3 resources. And in a perfect scenario it can be done on turn one. In fact, in this situation you could play any 5-cost ally (belonging to a sphere of influence) on turn one this way, even if you don't normally have access to its sphere.

Pretty sure you can't reduce the cost of Stand and Fight using Good Meal. —
Why? The cost to play the card ("X") depends on the ally you want to put into play. You just reduce the X by two. I see no reason why I couldn't use Good Meal in this way. —
You can indeed use Good Meal to discount X cost events, I will quote here the relevant bit about this from the Rules Reference: For costs involving the letter X, the value of X is defined by card ability or player choice, after which the amount paid may be modified by effects without altering the functional value of X. —

The Squire's Helm isn't a bad card in isolation. Two hit points are great on your high value low HP allies who you don't want dying because of some surprise treachery or more commonly, shadow effect. I particularly like this with Defender of Rammas which gives a lot more longevity for a cheap but valuable card.

Problem is, since I obtained Hauberk of Mail, I haven't really been able to justify this card too often; just seems more tangible than in a lot of scenarios. And if you're buffing up a high value ally, do you really want to use up your valuable restricted slots on a cheap helmet?

I agree that it's use cases are slim. It does work well as a cheap buff for the Guardian of Esgaroth in this same pack. But I have never played either of those cards outside of a dedicated Dale deck —
It's not a bad attachment for non combat allies that are important - to an Arwen, or Warden of Healing, maybe Henamarth? So that one treachery doesn't just wipe them, or can survive more than two in Arwen's case. Still limited use case, but that's the best outside of a dale deck I think you'd get. Also just as an archery sink in scenarios with lots of archery. —