Nice card (as NoSoup4you already noted), but why isn't it a Trap (vs Condition) or an Event (vs Attachment)? See examples below. The flavor text seems to clearly show that the rangers are lying in wait (to keep the Shire safe), and the mechanic of LOTR LCG for the rangers dealing with enemies is Traps. I don't see how Secret Vigil became a Condition Attachment.

Trap: Play Secret Vigil into the staging area unattached. If unattached, attach Secret Vigil to the next eligible enemy that enters the staging area. Limit 1 per enemy. (Same effect in other respects. Compare to Ranger Spikes.)

Event: Choose an enemy in play. That enemy gets -1 this round. When that enemy is destroyed this round, reduce each player's threat by that enemy's printed .

The advantage of this attaching immediately is that you can also use it round 1 as sort of WP boost which is very nice in Tactics. For the lack of the Trap trait I am not so sure, especially since in later cycles stuff like Followed and Outmatched were indeed Condition/Traps. —
Not sure entirely foe the reason as to why it is not a trap. but my suspicion would be that traps, in a general sense. we're more tied thematically to the Gondorian rangers thematically rather than the Dunedain which this card implies. It was also released in the Angmar Awakened cycle, which focused partly on the Dunedain archetype. —

Imladris Stargazer, Zigil Miner, and Hidden Cache are insanely good together. If you're doing that, it often makes sense to include Ered Luin Miner too. It's obviously great to trash extra copies of unique cards like Steward of Gondor (or whatever it might be in your favored deck). If Dáin Ironfoot is at the table, then Zigil Miner is a fine questing or attacking dwarf even without mining. This has been one of my favorite cards from when I first played it all the way until now roughly a decade later.


It seems strange to me that no one is gushing praise for this card. First, it seems obvious this card was made for playing Outlands characters and is quite effective for doing so. For example, Hirluin the Fair can play Ethir Swordsman and draw a card from Lord of Morthond. This is great. Second, it is perhaps even more potent with Silvan tricks that are already quite powerful without this boost. Any mono-leadership deck is likely to be running three copies of the much-praised Steward of Gondor, whose resource generation has warped the entire game from day one. Let's say Thranduil becomes Steward of Gondor (thus gaining the Gondor trait) followed by Lord of Morthond. The Elvenking becomes recurring card draw in addition to its already useful function, Feigned Voices now replaces itself when Galion is replayed for free with Thranduil's combat ability, and Host of Galadhrim becomes the best card-draw event in the game in addition to its other benefits. I suppose one could even run both Outlands and Silvan in the same deck with Hirluin the Fair, Thranduil, and Celeborn leading the way to a full four-color army of "cantrip" allies?


One of my favourite cards. Traps in general deck styles to play and this card fills a pretty big gap in that deck. I want to point out that it's the sort of card that gets better against harder quests. The more threat on a trapped enemy, the more willpower he cotributes. I'm currently playing Helm's Deep where there's an assortment of 3 and 4 threat enemies, and this guy just rises to the occasion. How many other Allies can boast 2-4 willpower for 2 cost?

Ethir swordsmen... (Your point remains though) —

This card is spectacular for Grey Wanderer decks. Because he isn't unique, you can play him in ANY GW deck turn 1 and get 2 extra willpower. And then he can chip in with his attack, which can be boosted with For Gondor! and its ilk. With Visionary Leadership and Faramir, he can quest for 4 without exhausting! I don't know why he isn't a staple yet. Only 96 decks on RingsDB have him. Highly underrated card.