Never thought much of Haldan before, and still not 100% on him for normal builds but with the recently released The Burgler's Turn he has become a force to be reckoned with. Every time you travel to a location you will be attaching a card to it which means Haldan will never be exhausting to quest and will be drawing an extr card each round. Make sure you put some allies into play that can help with Location clearing or getting more locations into play, he also pairs well with Idraen who will be benefiting off of the location bonuses.

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In many instances I don't think the value is there for poor Anborn because of his cost and limited utility.

The 4 resource feels steep for his statline; when you need to return traps to your hand, you don't get to use his substantial attack stat. For the same cost you could get someone like Haldir of Lórien and have the flexibility to attack, quest, or defend well, especially with ranged/sentinel which are valuable as a mono deck will not always be receiving the brunt of monsters. And I say mono because playing Anborn in a deck with two heroes or fewer is locking up some resources (or resource generation) for a couple rounds for little payoff.

His ability also makes it hard to justify playing him. When playing with Damrod it behooves a player to have a variety of traps in their deck to increase the chances of drawing a trap and taking advantage of his card draw ability... But if you have a variety of traps, you don't need Anborn to recycle them because you'll be drawing more. None of the traps are really worth recycling; if you're using Forest Snare you don't need to attack the monster it's attached to, so it doesn't even make it into the discard pile. Recycling Entangling Nets makes the most sense because a monster that lands on it is easier to kill and is toast eventually; but does reusing that trap justify an action that could be used to swing for 3? Even if you're not using Damrod when playing a trap deck, you still run into a resource bottleneck to play full-cost traps and lay down a 4 cost ally in the form of Anborn.

Compare Anborn to someone like Firyal who has an ability that is triggered when you quest with him, which is probable given the impressive questing stat. Or for attacking, consider Eryn Galen Settler who costs 2, swings for 2, and can get rid of a pesky location in a pinch and reduce threat. The Ents are a bit different because you need to wait but Quickbeam and Wandering Ent are cheap, durable, and flexible, though require a bit of planning. Either way, there's better options than Anborn. Which is a shame because the art on this card is great.

This remake of The Eagles Are Coming! for Ents is an obvious auto-include in every Ent deck. Even though Ents usually don't need as much card draw as Eagles due to the sphere they're in, this is still a really useful card to have in an Ent-based deck, and if you think about it...why not include this card? Almost every time, this card will replace itself with one or two (or three, four, and five) cards depending on your luck. And how lucky can you get with this card? Well, obviously, you can't build a deck in which you can get a guaranteed Ent every time you play this. However, if you have the whole Ent card pool in your deck (36 cards with the Ent trait minus the copy of Entmoot you're playing currently), then it should be very rarely that you whiff with this card. The average is about 1 or 2 Ent cards per play, and even if you don't have access to the whole Ent card pool, it's still likely to hit at least one. In the tragic case that is when you do whiff, there were no resources wasted. As for the play restriction, I've never found this a problem, mainly because I always mulligan for at least one Ent card to play on turn 1, if able. (Or, if you're playing an Ent hero, then you're good as well.) Overall, this card provides a necessary engine in an Ent deck to dish out allies and it is one of my favorite cards to see coming off my deck in the refresh phase.

Great card for any deck with a hero. I use it with my Silvan deck to give even more flexibility for bringing out various Silvan allies, but I do have a question: is this card synergistic with O Lórien!? That is, can you exhaust O Lorien to reduce the cost of X by 1? My guess is no, since I'm pretty sure that "playing" a card is not the same as "putting a card into play". I wish they would have found different words to describe these two situations - using the word "play" for both creates a lot of confusion.