Host of Galadhrim is a great mid- to late-game card in a Silvan deck. After building up your army of Silvan allies, they tend to go stale after their first turn in play. Dropping Host of Galadhrim recycles all of those great Response abilities that trigger when each Silvan enters play. And when combined with Galadriel and Celeborn, all of those recycled Silvans are questing for +1 without having to exhaust to quest. When played toward the end of the game, this card will get you over the hump by potentially allowing you to quest for 20+ , surviving multiple enemy attacks, or finishing off a tough boss enemy.

The knock against Host of Galadhrim comes from drawing it in your starting hand or in early rounds, when you may only have one or two Silvan allies in play. Early in a game, it can be a dead card, and likely not worth the 4 resources to play. The threshold to make the card worthwhile to play is probably when you have 3-4 Silvan allies in play or when playing it will get you through the current quest card. I have found x2 copies is the right number to have in a 50 card deck.

it can actually be a very good early-game (round 2) card, if you plan on heavily recurring it, as seen here —
That’s a very cool deck! —
Thank you :) —

Haleth is my new favorite ally. And this is coming from someone who typically plays Lore about as often as politicians tell the truth. Let's get into why I'm so crazy about her.

Obviously the biggest hiccups are her cost of four, and the uniqueness. First the cost. Four can be a lot, especially in Lore, but is made more palatable by the very nice statline, and also the fact that she is in-sphere with Elf-stone. The uniqueness can actually be a boon because it opens her up as an amazing Messenger of the King target, for a threat raise of eight.

The two is great in Lore, and three means she won't be going down to damage dealing treacheries too soon. She is also in the best sphere for healing. The Woodman trait doesn't do much, other than making her a nice target for Woodman Lore, which came in the same pack. The Scout trait makes her great in a Scouting Party deck, and also a good target for the in-sphere Map of Rhovanion.

Finally, the ability. Maybe part of my excitement is because I do not own, and thus have never played Master of the Forge, but Haleth's ability is amazing. Her ability obviously is great in a Woodman deck, trying to find location attachments, but she can hold her own in any deck with Lore that needs to find attachments. My only downside for her is that sometimes I forget to trigger her ability after questing succesfully!

All in all, a great card in the last pack of the Vengeance of Mordor cycle.

I just got the pack, but it did not come yet, cannot wait to try Haleth out —

My first thought was that this card is only good in a dedicated Victory Display deck, but now I’m thinking about quests that have big non-unique enemies with Victory Points, like the Hill Troll in Journey along the Anduin. Could be really fun to discard a Hill Troll!

Healing cards usually falls in three categories :

The Imladris Caregiver was an exception with his "discard for heal" effect , but now with Song of Healing we get another example of such ability . There is a great review on the Caraegiver page I encourage you to read (tldr : discarding a card is like paying a ressource, and with Elven-light you can draw a card).

Compared to the Caregiver, Song of Healing is limited to its targets (although you could move the card with a Long Lake Trader if you really wanted to...) but has some nice pro's :

  • free cost, and with it's Song trait it can even generate some if there is a Love of Tales in play.
  • no limitation in times. If you have enough and cards in hand, you can take every attack undefended
  • everyone can trigger the heal. Of the other healing cards, only Ioreth has this ability, but limited by the exhaust.
  • it's not an ally. Here and there you can find "blank all textbox of characters" treacheries wich couldn't affect this card (but there also many "discard attachment" shadows so it depend on the scenario you are playing)

So when can you consider having this card in your deck ?

  • When you draw too much for what you can pay (it's a great way to use your leftover cards at the end of round in one Erestor deck)
  • With Elrond. He makes every healing card worth :)
  • When you have many duplicates of uniques (for example a Vilya deck with all Elrond and Gandalf's toys). Daeron's Runes is a way to use them, Song of Healing is another.
  • When playing a Song deck, and use it more for the ressource generation
  • When you have are playing with your discard (usually limited to Noldor or )
  • When one hero is going to make all defenses and he is the only character you want to heal (Erkenbrand for example)
  • When a contract restrict you in your healing choices (Fellowship forbids you to have Warden of Healing, and maybe you prefer keep ressources for you big allies instead of paying Ioreth's heal).

Last reason to try this card : 10/10 artwork (yay, another Magali card)


I love everything about this card. The functionality, the theme, the art, even the way that the 3 can come from Denethor on Turn 1, as though he is sending Boromir to Imladris to heed his dream. It inspired me to build a deck around it.

I have a question. Obviously, Gandalf can play Heed the Dream when it is the top card of the deck as Gandalf is considered to have the icon when doing so. However, when doing this, is Gandalf also considered to have the printed icon at the time that Heed the Dream's boost effect is resolving? If yes, then can 3 resources from Gandalf be used to trigger the second effect of this card?

My theory is that Gandalf can pay both the 1 and the 3 resources to resolve both parts of Heed the Dream, for two reasons:

  • Gandalf's ability states that "when playing a card this way" he has the icons, which seems to reference the time in which the card is in the state of being played.
  • The boost effect on Heed the Dream is part of the same sentence and action, suggesting that both effects trigger at once and then resolve in order.

Does anyone have any thoughts?

Update - confirmed that Gandalf's resources can be used to pay for the boost effect on Heed the Dream if the card was played from the top of the deck —