A Perilous Voyage


Side A

Your minimum deck size is 100 cards. Your threat cannot be reduced by player card effects. Action: Exhaust this card and raise your threat by 1 to look at the top 2 cards of your deck, draw 1, and place the other on the bottom of your deck.

Forced: When you would be eliminated by reaching your threat elimination level, flip this card over instead.

Side B

Your threat cannot be reduced by non-contract player card effects. Heroes you control do not exhaust to quest.

Forced: When this card is flipped to this side, reduce your threat by 10. Search your deck for a card and either add it to your hand or play it, reducing its cost by 3. Shuffle your deck.

Thus came Aragorn... borne upon a wind from the Sea to the kingdom of Gondor...
-The Return of the King

The Hunt for the Dreadnaught #47. Neutral.

A Perilous Voyage

I personally have really enjoyed using this card with decks that have strong filtering mechanisms. For example, Aragorn with Estel is super strong repeatable filtering that grows if you give him more traits with the other ALeP titles. Combine that with Elven-light and suddenly 100 cards in your deck doesn't seem so bad. Then you get an automatic threat reduction, heroes not exhausting to quest, being able to search and play any card reducing its cost by 3, or put it in your hand if you don't want to play it yet. If you start with low threat or are desperate you can use the ability on side A of the card as extra filtering, but I don't rely on it since you only have one big threat reduction you don't want to burn too soon.

I'm considering other decks this contract would work well with besides Aragorn, though he himself is super flexible and can work with Noldor, Gondor, or Dunedain. Dwarves, since they get an obscene amount of card draw, could work well. Galadriel with her Mirror of Galadriel seems like another option with potential, but losing her threat reduction would feel really bad.