Hero. Threat: 12. 2   3   2   5  

Dúnedain. Ranger.

Aragorn gains a resource icon matching each Title attachment attached to him.

Setup: Search your collection for a Title attachment with a printed cost of 1 and attach it to Aragorn.

Action: Ready a Title attachment with a printed cost of 1 attached to Aragorn. (Limit once per round.)

Jan Pospíšil

ALeP - Blood in the Isen #183. Neutral.


This is one of my new favorite heroes. Neutral Aragorn is just so versatile and fun. Let's take a look at every title he can start with:

  • Chieftain of the North - This is a mediocre title as readying after attacking means the ally can only attack again. In contrast, Elessar and The Renewer can also let the ally defend or quest afterward. However, the fact that it is Tactics makes it unique.

  • Elessar - A powerful card that makes the Dunedain archetype of engaging enemies more feasible. It fits fantastically with The Grey Wanderer.

  • The Renewer - A fun card that is slightly worse than Elessar because Valiant Determination already exists. However, the healing makes it decent.

  • Estel - The strongest of the titles specifically for Aragorn. Combining it with Estel feels great and it can find the cards you need quickly. Think of it as a repeatable Heed the Dream.

  • Elf-friend - No. If you want traits, at least use Elessar first.

  • In Service of the Steward - Same deal with Elf-friend but even less efficient. Plus, Aragorn never listened to Denethor anyway.

  • Wingfoot - This card is a decent option that works best with scrying. Here is a deck I made empowering Wingfoot with the Palantir:

All of these attachments offer fun concepts. Even Elf-friend enables Fair and Perilous or Mirkwood Long-knife. If you want to build a unique deck, give Aragorn a try. He is not quite broken, but I would argue he is the best variant of Aragorn. Thorongil is thematic and powerful with him, especially because of Lore Aragorn. Like the other versions, Sword that was Broken, Ring of Barahir, Roheryn, and Celebrían's Stone. However, his ability makes him the best target for Andúril. Basically, just give him a try. The fan designers deserve it.

Have fun,


LEGOlas 130
does aragorns text overwrite the needed "warrior"trait in captain of gondor ? if it does it should be part of the list. — doomguard 2094
I don't think so, but I don't know the rules too well. — NERD 845
If the attachment fetched by Neutragorn in Setup is one he is not eligible for he cannot attach to it and it's discarded. — Alonewolf87 2307
this should be on the cardtext (eligible). — doomguard 2094
While saying eligible would make this more clear, I think it would be odd for something like Elvenking to be allowed to attach to him. Thus, it's not really needed. Also, a lot of the wording in this game is confusing. — NERD 845
Unless specified otherwise attachments always check for eligibility when they try to attach to something. It was kinda redundant to repeat it. — Alonewolf87 2307