Love Lasts Forever

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NERD 645

This is my attempt at an At the End of All Things. First, I just want to mention how perfectly the contract fits with Aragorn. Aragorn can guarantee Strider while At the End of All Things can give him a resource icon. I decided to add Arwen Undómiel as a thematic inclusion.

The rest of the deck is fairly simple. Use Estel and the contract flip to find the combo pieces. Ring of Barahir and Song of Healing can let you take undefended hits while drawing a ton of cards with Elven-light. Elf-friend can allow for Andúril, letting Aragorn become a 6 5 4 6 beast who can quest, attack, and defend in the same turn. Add Tale of Tinúviel and Mirkwood Long-knife for some truly ludicrous fun! Better yet, play all three copies of Fair and Perilous (something entirely possible with Estel and the contract's flip) after using Tale of Tinúviel and then attack for 32!!!! Who needs Gondorian Fire. Plus, , beefy heroes, and a ton of card draw makes Unexpected Courage absurd.

Don't be afraid to find cheap cards with the contract. Elven-light and Estel can find you plenty of cards to buy with the extra resources. Thorongil can be included for threat-heavy quests.