Attachment. Cost: 3.


Attach to a non-, non- hero you control.

Response: After you attach Thorongil to a hero, search your collection for a different non-, non- version of that hero and attach it to Thorongil. While Thorongil is in play, attached hero gains the game text and resource icon of the attached hero card. If Thorongil leaves play, remove the hero card attached to it from the game.

Chris Grun

The Fortress of Nurn #146. Neutral.


This is a very unique card which can offer a ton of flexibility for those heroes with several iterations. Aragorn in particular has a wide variety of effects to choose from depending on your board state. Threat a little too high? Aragorn to the rescue. Needs some attack boost? Aragorn has your back. While there are not a whole lot of heroes that have versions in multiple spheres, the ones that do are typically some of the best heroes in the game. Théoden and Théoden combine for cost reduction and a sphere willpower boost. Prince Imrahil and Prince Imrahil have a nice repeatable combo replicating Sneak Attack and a readying effect for a single resource. Combine this with some of the synergies for when characters leave play and it is pretty game breaking.

The extra sphere on the hero is the cherry on top. It can help with resource smoothing and give access to some sphere specific attachments and effects. Denethor could always use a A Burning Brand to make him a super defender while still having the early game resources.

All in all, a good card for 3 resources if you have the right heroes, especially if you have several heroes that can make use of their alternate selves.

cephei 10
With Prince Imrahil, the "problem" is that the Tactics effect is limited to Combat phase, so the ally must die in combat to get advantage of the Leadership effect. Still a great Feint. — HeavyKaragh 5
@HeavyKaragh they just have to leave play, not be destroyed — cmcadvanced 1