Prince Imrahil

Hero. Threat: 11. 2   3   2   4  

Gondor. Noble. Warrior.

Combat Action: Spend 1 resource from Prince Imrahil's resource pool to search the top 5 cards of your deck for an ally who shares at least 1 Trait with him, and put that ally into play. Shuffle your deck. At the end of the phase, if that ally is still in play, shuffle it into your deck. (Limit once per round.)


The City of Corsairs #138. Tactics.

Prince Imrahil

No reviews for tactics Imrahil? Well he's not really popular, either in this or his leadership form, but I find his unique ability incredibly useful with combat-heavy quests and encounters. So right off the bat, you get a strong hero with a great range of stats- the 2WP is nice in a sphere that averages less than that. He's a capable defender, and can deal a good bit of damage, too. But his real strength is his ability, combined with his three traits that make him work in a variety of decks: I've successfully used his ability in everything from a Gondor tactics deck to a leadership/tactics dwarf/Gondor/Rohan hybrid deck- which worked because most, if not all of those allies shared at least one trait with our venerable prince. I've even teamed him up with Na'asiyah with good effect. I'd be hard-pressed to pick between leadership Imrahil and tactics Imrahil, but if I had to pick one, I'd give a slight edge to this incarnation, as I've personally found his ability to be an absolute lifesaver and occasionally a game-changer; being able to instantly bring out reinforcements as needed is high utility, and it gets even more useful when paired with the leadership access to resource generation and management. Again, remember that his ability can work with many deck and card types, including many elves, dwarves, etc. so he lends himself well to experimentation! Starting out with the Gondor, Noble, and Warrior traits is great, but throwing attachments on him that bestow traits- like Sylvan, Noldor, Rohan, Outlands, etc.- make him potentially suitable to such a wide variety of decks that I'm really surprised he isn't more highly-regarded. Give tactics Imrahil a shot; it's a lot of fun experimenting with him!

I'm wanting to try him at some point, but the experimentation is what sounds like fun. Sylvan in particular could be fun - they all have bouncing effects and Imrahil is basically just bouncing a Sylvan for 1 resource every round. I'm sure it will never be as efficient as a dedicated deck for the trait, but fun it would be! — The Broken Meeple 60
hmm, that makes me want to try teaming the Prince up with Celeborn. since Celeborn's effect triggers at "enters play" and doesn't require playing from the hand, that could be an interesting combo. and roughly half of Silvan allies already have the Warrior trait! ^^ — druthers 47

Imrahil is one of the most underrated heroes in my opinion, he is a blast to play with his fun and powerful ability that has saved my games many a time. So lets see what he has to offer. Starting of with the stats, 11 for 2 , 3 , 2 and 4 is right on par for stats to threat. His stats are fairly spread out making him good at almost anything, with a Gondorian Shield or a Shining Shield he becomes a good defender, his can be boosted by a load of solid attachments on top of his base of 3 . The 2 is high for and can be boosted by Théoden, Visionary Leadership or The Red Arrow among others. The traits Gondor, Noble and Warrior are very useful allowing him to have some good attachments and stat boosts. But our prince really shines with his ability to search the top five cards of your deck for an ally by spending one resource. This ability really smoots out combat and in turn can make all of your other aspects of the game much easier. You can early game quest with all of you heroes and rest assured that if a low threat enemy is revealed you can just defend it with the ally Imrahil brought in. If an enemy with surge reveals another enemy, so now you don’t have an defender, Imrahil solves this too. You are engaged with a unique or tough enemy that only needs a little more to kill, BAM Imrahil to the rescue. There are so many combos you can pull off with Imrahil, my personal favorite is with Morwen Steelsheen, you can get her into play either by discarding a cheap ally or discarding an ally that Imrahil brought into play. As with Imrahil's ally leaving play at the end of the round this is a nice and constant way to trigger Morwen and since Morwen can be played by discarding an ally you can use this as some much needed healing and threat reduction in a mono deck. 1 resource for a temporary ally and -1 threat or healing two points of damage is a good deal. Some other good cards to use with him are Beorn, Knight of Minas Tirith, Soldier of Gondor, Guardian of Rivendell(bypassing the additional cost), Marksman of Lórien, Knight of Belfalas, Knight of the White Tower, Envoy of Pelargir and Guardian of Ithilien. But remember what allies he can bring in are trait based so you can slap an Elf-friend, Prince of Dol Amroth or Doughty Ranger on him to give him the extra traits. One final thing to note, if you are playing with a pre errata Horn of Gondor (who doesn't) his ability effectively becomes free. The artwork is good, only downside is that he does not have a beard in the books. All in all I think that Prince Imrahil is a fun and powerful hero and if you haven't tried him in a deck you really should as he is worth every point of his threat.