Raiment of War

Attachment. Cost: 2.

Item. Armor. Weapon.

Attach to a Warrior character. Raiment of War counts as 2 Restricted attachments.

Attached character gets +1 , +1 and +2 hit points.

Now men came bearing raiment of war from the king's hoard...
The Two Towers
Beth Sobel

The Thing in the Depths #34. Tactics.

Raiment of War

A really good attachment, which can transform some characters which have little use for their restricted slots into very good support. Defender of Rammas, Jubayr, Déorwine, Gimli, Veteran of Osgiliath and Galadhon Archer are amongst some of my favorite targets, but it can also help heroes like Glorfindel, Grimbeorn the Old, Boromir or Fastred

Dont forget Azain Silverbeard and Veteran Axehand! — Mad Morderan 72
Not to mention Three Hunters + Golden Belt means that you can have up to two of these on a single warrior hero. Which means you are getting +2 Attack, +2 Defense, +4 Hitpoints and +4 Willpower. Basically an auto-include for those decks. — Christian_Medic 497