Armored Destrier

Attachment. Cost: 2.


Attach to a or sentinel hero. Restricted.

Response: After attached hero defends against an attack, exhaust Armored Destrier to ready attached hero. Then, discard a shadow card from another enemy engaged with the defending player.

Sandara Tang

Temple of the Deceived #59. Leadership.

Armored Destrier

An excellent card for tanky heroes (like both versions of Beregond...) Also works well for Dunedain decks that plan on engaging a lot of enemies. More readying effects besides Unexpected Courage are always welcome, and this one is repeatable and will trigger often, making it one of the best alternatives. Being restricted is a fairly large downside though, so you'll still want to fit in Unexpected Courage if you plan on building a superdefender with things like Gondorian Shield and Spear of the Citadel.