Hero. Threat: 9. 1   2   3   3  

Rohan. Warrior.

Response: After Fastred defends an enemy attack, return that enemy to the staging area to reduce your threat by 2. (Limit once per phase.)

Lukasz Jaskolski

The Black Serpent #81. Spirit.


This man right here is awesome while playing true solo. I paired him with Éowyn and Dúnhere, with a lot of attachments for Dúnhere. Bouncing back one enemy each phase for Dúnhere to hit on the volley. It's super satisfying to play around with. Another great thing with him is that you'll lower your threat with 1 for each round (except if treacheries comes into play), which means a lot of enemies doesn't engage you at all. However, don't forget to optionally engage one enemy for lowering of threat.

didde 7
He is even better with Leadership Eomer, which is often times a better staging area attacker than Dunhere — Alonewolf87 2224
Yes, he could be. It's just that with Dunhere you can attack multiple enemies in the staging area with unexpected courage. Since they are both the same sphere It's a little bit easier to get started. However, I see ypur point an will definitely try that out. With signals you can boost him a lot. — didde 7