Hero. Threat: 9. 4   1   1   3  

Rohan. Noble.

Setup: Reduce your threat by 3.

Action: Raise your threat by 3 to ready Éowyn. She gets +9 until the end of the phase. (Limit once per game for the group.)

"But no living man am I! You look upon a woman. Éowyn I am, Éomund's daughter."
The Return of the King
Magali Villeneuve

The Flame of the West #2. Tactics.


Firstly, dam Éowyn. Best Waifu in Middle Earth.

How is she as a card though? Her version is a questing powerhouse, probably the strongest quester in the game. Eowyn likewise has 4 , which is great but is it enough by itself? When you look at the most used heroes with 3-4 , the 3 is just a + while their ability is the main driving force. Arwen Undómiel's insane resource generation, Celeborn being the backbone of any Silvan deck, Elrond having ridiculous versatility, Círdan the Shipwright having reliable and powerful draw, Glorfindel being one of the most OP heroes in the game or as Éowyn being able to increase her to much higher lengths.

Her ability is tough to gage, because it only matters IF you use it. It isn't something you should rely on. There are times where you will never use it. If you don't use her ability then she is just a 4 hero with 6 threat, which is perfectly fine and I can imagine that being a merit for some decks in itself. She also has the powerful Rohan trait, so if you have the cards in your deck she can become a powerful damage dealer, like Herugrim for example, but it's far more powerful on Éowyn and it's in the same sphere too. There is also Golden Shield which is in sphere for , but again.. it's still better for Eowyn. Regardless, ombine these two with Unexpected Courage and you have an absolute powerhouse, or even one of them with Snowmane.

Let's talk about her ability though. It changes the hero to basically a 9 threat hero but it gives her a total of 10 attack for 1 phase, also readying her, so it doesn't matter if you quested with her. Let me just say, this can be absolutely insane. You can destroy almost any enemy in the game. Add a readying affect to her and you can destroy 2 enemies. It's great knowing you have this in case you need it, even if you don't. Not to mention, that 10 attack can help you clear quests with the 'battle' keyword much more faster. These quests can be extremely difficult in the first few turns.

But, she's kind of boring and doesn't do anything special. She's just there, questing and that's it. If you have in your deck then sure, you can turn her into a questing and attacking powerhouse. If you REALLY need to you can kill an enemy or do a battle quest with her ability, but it's really just a panic button, and when you don't use it she's fairly mediocre. You want heroes to define your deck. Éowyn is a hero I feel that you include if for some reason there isn't anything better to add, but you need in your deck along with some form of high and/or you need low threat.

Sympax 18
For solo, it's difficult not including her when I build a deck with tactics (usually only one hero). — Lecitadin 205
I have a weakness for this card that may not be rational. I love seeing armored up Eowyn smite a big enemy, or defend with the Golden Shield and/or Attack with Herugrim. It’s not the easiest combo to set up, but it is fun. I got Unexpected Courage, Herugrim and Golden shield on her last game and it was fun to see her handle all the combat. I just wish Snowmane was not restricted. — carbon_dragon 1
Actually, She can kill 2 ENEMIES with here ability: "This is possible because after you exhaust Eowyn to declare her as an attacker, there is an action window before calculating the damage where you can trigger her ability. Thus she will be at 10 for the first attack and the next one." This is insane. Thank you SEASTAN for let me know (I still miss something from time to time) — Taskonidis 13
The Hammer Stroke + Hour of Wrath + Eowyn = every enemy is mince. Do it, you know you want to. — Schrodingers Hat 54
Her -3 Threat does not make her starting theat 6 right — Truck 1424
Can we clarify how players are using her to attack two enemies? I have checked the rule book and I cannot see any action window after declaring the first attack. For those using Eowyn to attack two enemies with 10 attack, please can you clarify the sequence of attacking and action windows that allows you to do this? — AJ_800 304
My question was answered elsewhere. For reference: — AJ_800 304
6.8b - Éowyn declares as an attacker and exhausts. Action window between 6.8.1. and 6.8.2. - Éowyn triggers her action, becoming ready and adding 9 attack. 6.8.2. - Éowyn contributes 10 attack to the determination of attack value. 6.8.4. - Éowyn is ready, so we can return to 6.8. We remain in the same phase so Éowyn's additional attack is still active. — AJ_800 304
I’ve been stuck on this, too. Thank you for clarifying. I’ve also been stuck on if the second attack is only because she has been readied and still has the 10 attack from the previous action, why can’t she attack a 3rd, 4th, 5th, etc… for an add’l 3 threat each time if there are numerous enemies in play? Why does it stop at 2 attacks? Sorry if this also has been answered elsewhere. Thanks — ThanasiManoli 1
If you have outside readying you can, however, Eowyn's text reads, "Limit once per game". Thus, the raising threat readying is limited. — LEGOlas 130
I see. Without trusting the community so would have never been able to conclude that “raising the threat to do the action” was limited once per game or “this whole sequence of processes that can happen within one phase” is limited once per game. I’ll just trust the community and limit to two enemies and if anyone asks I’ll say google it lol. Thanks! — ThanasiManoli 1