Hero. Threat: 9. 4   1   1   3  

Noble. Rohan.

Action: Discard 1 card from your hand to give Éowyn +1 until the end of the phase. This effect may be triggered by each player once each round.

Slender and tall she was in her white robe girt with silver; but strong she seemed and stern as steel, a daughter of kings.
The Two Towers
Gabrielle Portal

Core Set #7. Spirit.


Eowyn is the most powerful quester in the game. Period. The only other characters with four willpower are T eowyn, Cirdan, the ally Gandalfs, and hero Galadriel. Now Galadriel requires Nenya, and the ally Gandalfs either raise threat or leave play. Cirdan and T Eowyn give her a run for her money but in a four player game Eowyn can bump up to a whopping 8 willpower for only 9 threat cost and a few discards!

This is my favourite hero. Having 4 willpower and to the extend, 5 with a discard, she can quest solo in the early stages and helps gather progress token quickly. Currently, I aim for The Favor of the Lady (+1 willpower) and make her even more powerful. — theodoros 20

The best hero for questing in the game for me so far, sometimes she's so needed, its nearly annoying. She's also the one with best combos in the game, allowing me to use cards in the deck without the source for the sphere among heroes, mainly with Stand and Fight. I hope that there will be other heroes with discard ability in the future, which can do the same. Beautiful artwork. Verdict: 5/5.

matrosh 331