Stand and Fight

Event. Cost: X.

Action: Choose an ally with a printed cost of X in any player's discard pile. Put that ally into play under your control. (The chosen ally can belong to any sphere of influence.)

"...we will fight on." Boromir, The Fellowship of the Ring
Rio Sabda

Core Set #51. Spirit.

Stand and Fight

Very fun card when teaming up with a fellowship who play Ethir Swordsman. Resurrect their Swordsman to put into play with your three already in play and you are a questing power house. Rinse repeat with Will of the West and Dwarven Tomb.

My favorite event card from cardpool for sure. It's great when you need to resurrect a character, but even better for deck construction, giving you an unlimited options for deck build. When you have this card in your deck, you can add any ally from any sphere and you are not limited by the heroes you use. You just need a discard mechanism in the deck such as Éowyn or Protector of Lórien which makes you able to throw away cards. This will bring them on the table. Great card which I use in all 3 copies. Also the artwork is thematically connect to that mechanism and very well done. Verdict: 5/5.

matrosh 530

Stand and fight breaks the game. In a good way. Any ally that died or got discarded is now basically still in your hand. Not to mention the fact that you can discard an off-sphere ally like Beorn and slam him into play. Plus, it's got cool art.

Great card for any deck with a hero. I use it with my Silvan deck to give even more flexibility for bringing out various Silvan allies, but I do have a question: is this card synergistic with O Lórien!? That is, can you exhaust O Lorien to reduce the cost of X by 1? My guess is no, since I'm pretty sure that "playing" a card is not the same as "putting a card into play". I wish they would have found different words to describe these two situations - using the word "play" for both creates a lot of confusion.

To answer your question (7 months later, but someone else reading might also care): No, they do not combine, precisely for the reason you stated where playing cards and effects that put cards in to play are two separate things. See section 1.16 of the FAQ for more details. — 3ric 131

Discovered very recently the interest of that card, I must say ! I was playing the excellent Ambush at Erelas (ALEP) and looking to have good defenders on both sides of the 2-handed table. In the second scenario of the cycle - The battle for the Beacon - I found new ways of using it to play other, non-sphere friendly, Rohan allies for a nice thematic matchup against the Dunlendings.

This card is versatile - at the utmost - and you pay exactly what the ally cost, which is a bargain !