An Actually Thematic Harad Deck

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NERD 475

As stated in the Rings of Power, "The stars are stange." Harad is a similiarly strange trait to build around thematically as so few characters ever reached the south. However, At the End of All Things allows Aragorn to start with Strider and a icon from Kahliel. This allows us to run the only other character to head south, Gandalf as an ally, rather than a threat-heavy hero. Overall, this is a self-explanatory deck. At the End of All Things covers the early game while fetching Elessar and AndĂșril in the late game. Thorongil is extremely versatile. Even Aragorn is good in this line-up. Kahliel is fantastic with boosted stats. His built-in readying fits perfectly with the contract. Because two heroes generate fewer resource, he can discard allies which are too expensive. Later on, Southron Refugees lower cots. Sword that was Broken and Kahliel's Headdress provide enough willpower to clear Send for Aid, hopefully grabbing a big Harad ally. Aragorn second ability can empower Rune-master to provide a bunch of healing through DĂșnedain Remedy. Finally, Roheryn is great in this deck. Aragorn starts with 4 but can be boosted up to 9 !

Have fun,