Dúnedain Remedy

Attachment. Cost: 0.


Attach to a hero.

Response: After Dúnedain Remedy is attached to a hero, heal 1 damage on that hero.

Action: Pay 1 resource from attached hero's resource pool to attach Dúnedain Remedy to another hero.

Drazenka Kimpel

The Drowned Ruins #84. Leadership.

Dúnedain Remedy

I'm surprised this card hasn't received any real buzz on this page (although I've seen it appear in quite a few decklists. For me, this is my favorite and in my opinion, one of the best healing options out there. It might stem from the fact that Lore is my least played sphere and I always seem to have at least one leadership hero in most of my lists. It's a free heal the turn it comes out and while it's cost efficiency does eventually lose to cards like Ioreth or Warden of Healing the payments aren't dedicated to particular player or resource which is nice.

If Elrond is out then obviously this gets even sillier. My experience has shown me that this card can really clean up archery damage. Not to reference the two allies above but another plus for this card versus the allies is that it doesn't require any exhausting to trigger, meaning you have more than just one shot at the healing.

Not much more to say about this card. I think enough people have seen its versatility and just how much it can save Heroes. I guess a downside is you can't heal allies with this, but that's a pretty minor negative depending on the decklist.

I've been playing with this card a few times now, and not only is it super fun to use, I think it becomes an auto-include in mono Leadership decks (for solo)! I will try it soon, that's for sure!!!!!!!!!!!

Lecitadin 144
Can't wait for my "Drowned Ruins" pack to come in some I can slot this into my Dunedain deck. This pretty well rounds out the three things Dunedain most require 1.)good defense, 2.)shadow effect management, and 3.)Healing/damage control — MDuckworth83 1749