Self Preservation

Attachment. Cost: 3.


Attach to a character.

Action: Exhaust Self Preservation to heal 2 points of damage from attached character. much more of this would they have to endure, or could they endure?
The Two Towers
Empty Room Studios

Core Set #72. Lore.

Self Preservation

Self preservation is a nice healing card, but the best advantage I can see here, is that it's not restricted on heroes only, and you can use it on any characters, which make this card excellent bonus for important allies or in some cases also on targets which are for the purpose of the game taken as allies (as Glum in return to mirkwood, for example) and don't have restrictions on attachments. So this makes this card useful in specific scenarios or when you're running unique characters, important for the deck's mechanics. Artwork is also fine. Verdict: 4/5.

matrosh 530

Self Preservation is a neat healing ability, if more expensive than most. But it's repeatable (unlike most other healing attachments), and not susceptible to direct damage (like most healing allies). One thing of note is that it will only heal the attached character, unlike the DotN.

It's absolutely insane when you put it on Treebeard or Quickbeam. — Mad Morderan 135
Good with Gloin, combine with Elrond for increased shenanigans — Quetzal513 94