Dark Knowledge

Attachment. Cost: 1.


Attach to a hero. Attached hero gets -1

Response: Exhaust Dark Knowledge to look at 1 shadow card that was just dealt to an enemy attacking you.

'Go on then!' said Frodo. 'What do you know?'
'Too much; too many dark things,' said Strider grimly.
The Fellowship of the Ring
Empty Room Studios

Core Set #71. Lore.

Dark Knowledge

My first review ever. Having access to only the Core set, i attach this card to certain Heroes that don't quest almost never. I am thinking of Denethor and Eleanor especifically. Both usually dont quest, because of the use of their hability or because they are to be used as defenders. This card is very good to know if you are able to take the hit, and who is the better for it. I found it to be usefull, especially for defender heroes and also Gimli or Gloin, that you want to be hit, but not to be dead.

Dark Knowledge was an okay card until the Burning Brand was released. This one comes at -1, is only one use, and only looks at the card (instead of cancelling). Still though, It's playable if you don't have access to the Brand.

Así es, peo a diferencias — Supergami 1
Si, pero a diferencia de la Marca Ardiente esta se puede vincular a cualquier esfera, aunque si, da-1 de Voluntad. — Supergami 1
I does make #Gandalf's Staff a little more targeted though -- if you're willing to forego the extra resource the staff would have otherwise given you. Just throw it on a hero that wouldn't quest anyway! — Caedus 49
i don't understand how to effectively use this car. Can somebody explain it to me? I mean, if you can just look on shadow card, what makes the difference, you have to deal with the shadow card anyway, right. — matrosh 522
After looking you can decide whether to defend against the enemy (because he has some nasty shadow effect) or leave the attack undefended. — Losselaire 1
Así es. Tienes el conocimiento sombrío de saber lo que va a pasar a costa de mermar tu voluntad -1. A mi realmente me gusta esta carta porque no está limitada a una esfera en concreto y saber la sombra que te va a atacar es muy valioso, aunque obviamente pueda que en algunos casos no puedas resolver la sombra de forma satisfactoria — Supergami 1