Celebrían's Stone

Attachment. Cost: 2.

Artifact. Item.

Attach to a hero. Restricted.

Attached hero gains +2

If attached hero is Aragorn, he also gains a resource icon.

"You needn't," said Bilbo. "As a matter of fact it was all mine. Except that Aragorn insisted on my putting in a green stone. He seemed to think it important. I don't know why."
The Fellowship of the Ring
Sara Biddle

Core Set #27. Leadership.

Celebrían's Stone

From the card pool I have so far and beside Protector of Lórien, this is still the best boost card I have. And it really doesn't matter if I use Aragorn or not. Artwork is also very nice. Verdict: 5/5.

matrosh 540

Celebrian's Stone is a pretty good card. Two for two is fair and considering favor of the lady and dunedain quest, pretty solid. The quest, Faramir and the Sword that was Broken also give willpower in leadership regardless of trait, but they are are either to different to compare or to weak. Throw in the icon and you've got a good card!

I feel like this is undercosted, given that The Favor of the Lady also costs 2 resources and only grants 1 and has no other effect. is known for its resource generating power and is known for providing the questing power so it only stands to reason that either the amount of granted by these cards should be switched or Celebrían's Stone should cost at least 1 more resource (and favour of the lady should only cost 1).

Also, if it costed more or only granted 1 , it wouldn't need to be restricted, which is one of the most annoying things about this card. Why would a stone worn around my heroes neck prevent it from wielding two weapons? Theme's all off for me there!

Aurion 874
More accurate to say that Favor is too expensive. 2-for-2 became the standard rate for questing cards (consider Silver Circlet, for example). I agree it's very odd that this is Restricted. — DunYoss 40