The Favor of the Lady

Attachment. Cost: 2.


Attach to a hero.

Attached hero gains +1 .

"You are indeed high in the favor of the Lady!"
Unnamed Elf of Lórien,
The Fellowship of the Ring
Magali Villeneuve

Core Set #55. Spirit.

The Favor of the Lady

Archetype of willpower addition which is over-costed to much for what it does. Already in core set the Celebrían's Stone made this card unnecessary for me, since I usually need to boost only one hero for questing and Celebrían's Stone is logical choice. And then Dúnedain Quest came and finished this one. It's nearly the same, but you can at least move it from hero to hero. I use favor basically only in special cases, where I don't run or when there is no other way how to boost a hero. However the artwork is beautiful. Verdict: 2/5.

matrosh 328

Favor of the lady is simply over-costed. 2 for 1 is just not enough. There are plenty of other options in spirit for willpower, including a slew of cost appropriate allies. Who cares if Magali V-whatever did the art.