Fortune or Fate

Event. Cost: 5.

Action: Choose a hero in any player's discard pile. Put that card into play, under its owner's control.

'Yes, fortune or fate have heped you,' said Gandalf, 'not to mention courage.'
The Fellowship of the Ring
Igor Kieryluk

Core Set #54. Spirit.

Fortune or Fate

This card is like safety wheels on kid's bike. Once you master the riding, you will put them away. It's same here, beside some very specific cases. It saved a lot of first games, then it stayed in hand and now it waits in box for my girlfriend. Very nice art. Verdict: 5/5.

matrosh 94
Until the errata, caldara never took off these training wheels — SamthemanGamgee 186

Fortune or Fate have helped me not play Fortune or Fate. But seriously, if you're planning on losing a hero, you're in pretty bad shape and not likely to aquire those five resources. Granted, it along with houses of healing are the only hero recursion effects out there, but at five resources? Of course if you're running Caldara.....

Pretty much limited to Caldara decks still, where it forms the backbone of that strategy. Otherwise, not all that great. I think the main reason I'm dissuaded from using Fortune or Fate as a general purpose safety card isn't just the high cost - which can be mitigated with Map of Earnil and any discard effect - but the fact that you won't get a dead hero's attachments back with it. Usually when a hero dies, there's no coming back, because you also lost any cards and resources you invested in building them up. A dead hero also is often a result of your board failing in general, which isn't solved just by bringing them back - especially if you're paying the full 5. On the occasions where someone just gets unexpectedly ganked in the early game, you likely won't have the means to play this without destroying your momentum anyway. For these reasons, it remains a gimmick card.