Silver Circlet

Attachment. Cost: 2.



Attach to a hero. Limit 1 per hero. Restricted. Attached hero gets +2 .

His hair was dark as the shadows of twilight, and upon it was set a circlet of silver...
-The Fellowship of the Ring
David Keen

Wrath and Ruin #8. Spirit.

Silver Circlet

A staple card in many of my stronger decks. Combines nicely with readying effects (Unexpected Courage, Light of Valinor) to make a hero who can quest for 4-5 each round without being exhausted at the end of the quest phase.

Edd037 44

This is another nice boosting card from the sphere. It is priced well at 2 resources for 2 but it doesn't need to be restricted, given it is limited 1 per hero and can only go on heroes. I get the feeling that they restricted it only because you have to pay 2 resources for 1 with The Favor of the Lady. They would have been better to errata that card and lower the cost of it, rather than restrict this one.

Aurion 854