Power in the Earth

Attachment. Cost: 1.


Attach to a location.

Attached location gets -1 .

"Power to defy our Enemy is not in him, unless shuch power is in the earth itself."
Gandalf, The Fellowship of the Ring
Soul Core

Core Set #56. Spirit.

Power in the Earth

I can see why everyone hates on this card, BUT I can see 1 scenario in which it might be OK. If there is a ton of locations in the staging area and you want to ignore them, then play several of these on a location(or some other threat reducing card) and a Thrór's Keyand TAADAH! That location has no effect on anything. That is the ONLY possible scenario in which this card would be decent.

I think this card can be quite useful in certain situations, mostly of course whenever there are a lot of locations in the staging are. Attach it to the location you want to explore last and it will be equivalent to a +1 wp boost for several turns. And if there happens to be a location with only 1 threat, you can use this card to effectively eliminate the need to even travel to that location at all - it will just sit in the staging area with 0 threat. — maedhros 9
What about woodland decks? I sometimes like to think that the woodland theme of placing attachments on location was made to give this card a home. Sure, most woodland cards want a location to be explored eventually to trigger their abilities, but putting one of these on a location with a nasty travel effect buys 1 WP for a couple of turns until your team is ready to tackle it and reap additional rewards. — Gibby 51

Power in the earth is terrible. I know, one for one isn't bad, but odds are, that location isn't going to have one threat; which means you're going to want to travel to it to get it's remaining threat out of the staging area. Even if there was a location with 1 threat, there are just so many better options. At least you've now got a proxy for some card that's actually good.

You've never left a 1/2/3 threat location in staging until the end of the game before? Some locations need a disproportionate amount of progress to explore so even in solo play (where locations rarely get a chance to build up in the staging area) it can be well worth it (mathematically speaking) to ignore those locations - or ones with a dangerous Travel effect - and keep moving on with the quest directly. — Edheliad 21
That's true, but I still woud'tn want to waste resources on this. — Wandalf the Gizzard 2329

I can see few special cases where this can be used. For example if you have this 1 locations in staging area which needs 3 progress tokens to be explored. Then yes, you can use power on them and ignore them forever. So from time to time, when I run location scenario and putting deck together I will add pair of those....and then, when I realize I have to much cards in the deck...this goes first off, simply because it's not so important and it can be handled other way. Artwork is fine. Verdict: 2/5.

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