Nor am I a Stranger

Attachment. Cost: 1.


Attach to a character.

Attached character gains the Rohan trait.

"Nor indeed am I a stranger: for I have been in this land before, more than once, and ridden with the host of the Rohirrim, though under other name and in other guise." Aragorn, The Two Towers
Magali Villeneuve

Conflict at the Carrock #31. Spirit.

Nor am I a Stranger

You know who loves becoming a local of Rohan? Sam Gamgee, that's who.

Get him loaded up with Nor am I a Stranger, Herugrim or Golden Shield and he is an attacking or defending beast. Assuming you are playing a low threat deck, Sam gets double bonus from his readying effect with these cards (when he readies, his spirit AND attack/defense boost 1 each), giving him an attack/defense 6! Add Rosie Cotton and/or Celebrían's Stoneto the mix and make it an 8 or 10! With Hobbit Cloak and Staff of Lebethron he is virtually indestructible. With this combo you can also use Protector of Lórien to charge up his attack/ defense further by discarding. To top it all off, you can still use those spirit points to quest with AND cash them in during the fight.

Takes some set up, but when up and running Sam Gamgee really is a top draw Squire of Rohan!

I think Nor am I a Stranger was released, along with born aloft, to make Eomund more appealing (didn't need to be done). It's really quite useless, apart from afore-mentioned Eomund, and Herugrim. The art is good though.

Using deck slots to gain traits should never cost more than the deck slot, and even that is a bit steep. Cards like these see little play upon release and even less later on. This may have been part of the artificial injection of so-called common cards in lcgs initiative. I want to play this for Aragorn and young Theoden lore, but not for the cost.