Longbeard Map-Maker

Ally. Cost: 3. 1   1   1   3  


Action: Spend 1 resource to give Longbeard Map-Maker +1 until the end of the phase.

On the table in the light of a big lamp with a red shade he spread a piece of parchment rather like a map. The Hobbit
Andrew Silver

Conflict at the Carrock #32. Lore.

Longbeard Map-Maker

The Long-beard-Map-maker, apart from having too many hyphens and a bee-stung nose, is a pretty good card. Three for one, one , one, and three is kind of expensive, but with Dain on the table he becomes viable. His ability, though, is awesome and the reason I would play him. I reaalize that lore is the sphere most strapped for resources, but still, pretty powerful.