Gilraen, Wielder of the Palantir

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NERD 475

The Palantir's power has just been dominated by a new master: Gilraen. Because she gives away willpower and is left with terrible stats, exhausting her does not cost you much. Because Aragorn starts with Wingfoot, he can ready after questing for 4 because of the Palantir's scrying. Thurindir also quests each turn and can let you find Double Back. Between that threat reduction and Aragorn via Thorongil, you should be able to use the Palantir quite a bit. Estel can fetch the Palantir if you don't get it in your starting hand. It can also help assemble the The Renewer/Estel/Andúril combo. Expecting Mischief, Gilraen's ability, Stone of Elostirion, and Ranger Spikes work great with scrying. Arwen Undómiel can boost one of your defenders, allowing you to help one of your friends across the table. Legacy Blade and Rally the West also boost stats, and A Test of Will combined with Hasty Stroke provide excellent cancelation. Finally, Desperate Alliance can pass around Aragorn for threat heavy quests.

Have Fun,



Nov 21, 2022 doomguard 1402

nice idea, combo palantir with wingfoot. i think you should add Master of the Forge to find it faster, if its not in the startinghand.

my experience with palantier, you mostly got an average of 4 thread per use, so i think you definetly need more threadreduction. Double Back is good but i would include some Gandalf or The Galadhrim's Greeting, or specially if you include the Master of the Forge then you will get attacheḿents faster and therfore get Estel faster then the Elrond's Counsel will do.

i think, Expecting Mischief is not worth it, most enemys have more than 2 hp so it does nearly nothing. would add (you are using alep so or so) Seasoned Forager

Nov 21, 2022 LEGOlas 99

Seasoned Forager is a powerful card, while is use it sometimes, I like to avoid it wherever I can. I have a starting threat of 29, meaning I can use the Palantir about four times before threating out. With Lore Aragorn enabled by Thorongil, that resets my threat by twenty, allowing for four more Palantir uses. Assuming Double Back handles any encounter card effects that raise my threat, I am happy with eight Palantir uses. That should be enough for most games. Elrond's Counsel is a good idea. I have never included Master of the Forge as I always forget about him. I would not use him here as I wanted the deck to be purely Dunedain, except for Arwen Undómiel because of her relationship with Aragorn. While Expecting Mischief rarely does anything, Estel can help you find other copies, allowing you to deal four damage. That can kill quite a few enemies. If you are playing against a quest that has higher health enemies, just swap them out for a card of your choice. I just wanted to use Expecting Mischief as it is overlooked but fun. Thank you for the comment!

Nov 21, 2022 doomguard 1402

can understand your view, but then

  1. you are bound to the 2 copies Thorongil
  2. you are bound to loragorn and loose the flexibility to use another aragorn

if you like Expecting Mischief then i would add some Ranger Bow , rangers are enough.

Nov 21, 2022 NERD 475

I don't think Aragorn, Aragorn, or Aragorn are worth three resources. Estel, the Palantir's effect, Gather Information, and Gilraen's card draw should be able to find Thorongil. Ranger Bow could be quite fun; thanks!

Nov 21, 2022 doomguard 1402

o.k. there we have different opinions, i like Aragorn and Aragorn (specially with Andúril and/or Strider or Celebrían's Stone ) and think Thorongil is worth both.

Nov 21, 2022 NERD 475

That's fair, but I am surprised. Aragorn's first ability is probably worth a resource, and his second is probably worth another. However, because I won't be using the Tactics icon, that's not worth it. Aragorn is pretty similar. I can use the Spirit icon but Estel does the same for cheaper. He would compliment the Northern Trackers but I don't have too many ways to boost his willpower. At most, Aragorn offers an extra progress per turn, worth between one or two resources.

Nov 21, 2022 doomguard 1402

the Rhovanion Outrider cost 3 and have similar ability (would say less good) than spiritaragorn, do u think he is not worth 3 res? specially together with Northern Tracker? its one of my favourite, but i play mostly multiplayer, in solo its perhaps not that worthy.

and tacticaragorns abilities are more worth than 2 res. to do it once can cost you a 2-cost-ally Westfold Outrider but also it is more worth in multiplayer than solo.

Nov 21, 2022 NERD 475

Ok, a couple of things. The Rhovanion Outrider can still provide his willpower. While Aragorn still technically quests, he can quest without being Spirit. Westfold Outrider is not fair pricing. It is also a 2 ally that is mostly used for stats or its scout trait.

Nov 22, 2022 doomguard 1402

lets calculate right:

Rhovanion Outrider quests with 2 wp and givies 1 progress on location

spiritaragorn uses his abiliy and reduce (independent if he quests! that would be additional ) by 2 what is in the end the same as questing for 2 and makes a progress on location.

they do exactly the same in most cases.

i never saw anybody using the Westfold Outrider for his scout trait.

Nov 22, 2022 NERD 475

But, Aragorn's ability requires him to exhaust. Even with readying, that makes you able to use his attack or shield one timeless. Therefore, Rhovanion Outrider does far more, as it saves you from wasting Aragorn's other stats. The fact that Westfold Outrider's scout trait is rarely used is irrelevant. My point is that he is main used as a decent ally, rather than for his ability. He is like a better Veteran Axehand. Aragorn can act like a repeatable Feint in the right circumstances. However, those circumstances rarely occur because this deck's high threat forces you to engage all enemies.