Hasty Stroke

Event. Cost: 1.

Response: Cancel a shadow effect just triggered during combat.

'The hasy stroke goes oft astray,' said Aragorn. 'We must press our Enemy, and no longer wait on him for the next move.'
The Return of the King
Lius Lasahido

Core Set #48. Spirit.

Hasty Stroke

Hasty stroke is THE shadow cancellation card. Burning Brand, gandalf's staff, and staff of lebrethon attach to specific characters, the leadership options are to expensive or risky, shadows give way and tireless hunters are to situational, armored destrier and deorwine function only when they are defending, and sterner than steel requires a weapon or armor attachment. This just up and cancels any shadow effect. Boom.

I don't use this card as often. I know its very powerful, but usually when it comes to deck size I'm putting this aside and choose different cards. I usually try to put together a deck which will survive any possible shadow, which can occur in the quest. But I have to admit it's good to have it. The artwork is weird a bit. It looks like it's stolen from Final Fantasy. It looks like manga art. Not bad but don't fit into this game much. Verdict: 4/5.

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