The Grey Wanderer


Side A

You cannot choose more than 1 starting hero.

Setup: Search your deck for an attachment with a printed cost of 1 and put it into play. Then, flip this card over.

Side B

The first non-unique card you play each planning phase does not require a resource match.

Action: Exhaust this card and raise your threat by 1 to (choose two): Ready your starting hero, add 2 resources to your starting hero's resource pool, or heal 3 damage from your starting hero.

"...the rule of no realm is mine, neither of Gondor nor any other, great or small. But all worthy things that are in peril as the world now stands, those are my card."_x000D_
-Gandalf, The Return of the King
“...this shall be his great task, and maybe the end of his labours.”
–Elrond, The Fellowship of the Ring
Justin Gerard

Challenge of the Wainriders #74. Neutral.

The Grey Wanderer

It's cool,it's powerful,but I hate this card.

The Grey Wanderer is a panacea. It works on almost every hero, and make a one hero deck better than three hero deck very easy : you can use every sphere's card, you can use secrecy system, you can search 1 cost key card when setup, you also get extra ready and heal.

I like the idea for using one hero deck some times,but LotR should be a three hero game in my opinion. if one hero deck can better then most of three hero deck, LotR may become next AH or Marvel,not itself any more.

死锁 289
I disagree. I think the card is very good. Put you still need to raise your threat by one to use the action. Raising your threat by 2 each round instead of one makes a big deal. In addition, you can only get the benefits of one hero and one hero's stat line. — WillRanger7 64
I have played with this contract a few times now with a couple of different heroes and while it felt cool and was able to get things moving in the quest, I ultimately lost every game. One hero is still not enough to quest, attack, defend take archery damage, make progress on the quest, prevent location lock, prevent swarming enemies, cancel treachery and shadow effects and get enough threat reduction, card draw and resources to get your stuff out and also heal. Love the concept of the card but I'd like to hear about people winning quests on normal mode. — Asgardian Phil 25
I agree with the comments : the contract is powerfull, but only with specific heroes that have great stats eveywhere. Even with the read ability once per round, you will find yourself swarmed by ennemies and problems pretty quickly, even on easy scenarios. — Narval 23
"Choose two" -- can you select the same option twice? Other cards that allow for choices typically specify that they need to be different. — Orion_M42X 1